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Greetings my respectable friends in this amazing community. I hope we are all wonderfully well and having a tremendous day.

This is my participation post for the "Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W4:Childhood or adulthood, which do you prefer?" contest hosted by @steemkidss


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We've learned from many renowned individuals that they would like to go back to their childhood days, and the majority of us would want that, myself included. Childhood is a stage we all tend to enjoy and cherish. Our future is built and shaped from childhood. Parents love, care and provide all the necessities for their children and the children show love and respect in return. Besides, it’s considered the golden period of life in which the children learn everything.



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Childhood is a simple term for being a kid. This is a broad term used to describe the stage of Human growth between babyhood and maturity. This is the time in which humans develop their physical physiques and their mental capacities. It is considered a crucial time, for if the development gets on wrong or does not occur within a significant period, the harm is often impossible to repair if not irreversible.

This is also the time of immunity from the duties/responsibilities of adulthood, a time in which parents, or other liable adults, take care of them, fulfilling their needs and protecting them.

In my country, Nigeria, a child is defined as any individual under the age of 18 years. This is according to Section 29 subsection 4 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN). Thus, stating that anyone between the age of 1 - 17 years or anyone under the age of 18 years is considered a child. However, only 24 out of 36 states in Nigeria have accepted this age into state law.



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An adult is said to be a grown-up, someone mature or a fully developed individual. An adult is someone who has reached the age where they are legally responsible for their actions.

Therefore, according to the Nigerian Constitution, it is accepted that from 18 years and above, a boy or girl is generally accepted as an adult. At this age, he or she can make decisions on their own, such as staying on his or her own or choosing to marry. He or she can be sued or sue somebody in case of crimes perpetrated, etc.


I believe I am not alone when I say a prefer childhood over adulthood, who wouldn't? I had like to get your thoughts.

The memories of childhood have unique importance in one’s life and are loved by almost everyone. As we grow up, we long more and more for childhood, popularly accepted as the best period of one’s life. As a child, we know no work troubles or anxieties. We are free from the pressure and unpleasantness of adulthood. Our motto is “eat, drink and be merry.” The glamour of childhood cannot be overlooked.


Being a child, we never knew the joy, thus we always wanted to grow up, but if you ask an adult, then you will know why. The following are my reasons;

  1. NO WORRIES: Being a Child, we have no worries, no stress and are free from the filth of adulthood. This is very much noticed when an individual recollects memories of his/her childhood they do so while giving a delighted feeling. Being an adult, we are always bothered with how and where to fend for our daily needs.

  2. PURE LOVE: A child loves wholeheartedly as they know no foes, that's why you will see kids fighting this very minute and playing together. This is a very rare trait to see in adulthood but very dominant in childhood. Kids are like buds, they care for everybody without any bias, and they are helpful to everyone around them. Furthermore, they get all the love and care they desire, even though this can't be said for kids.

  3. THE MEMORIES: The recollections of our childhood ultimately become lifelong memories which always bring a smile to our faces. Only adults know the real value of childhood because children do not understand these things.



Due to circumstances, I do not have any portrait of my childhood. Growing up, I had a photo album with so many pictures, but nature (flood) took them from me. Therefore, I don't have my childhood picture, hope you won't mind me sharing only photos of my adulthood. since I am above 18 years of age I am an adult as stated by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


In conclusion, I can say that childhood is the time that brings about our adulthood, it makes it outstanding. Also, children are like clay pots whom you can mould in any way you like. Besides, their innocence and helpful nature provide everyone with the message of humanity.
As they understand the world by either making mistakes or from their elders.

I like to invite @kinase, @five5 and @yangitu99, and any other persons who would like to participate too to CLICK HERE for more instructions.


Thank you all for always making out time to go through my work, and I only hope you enjoyed it😉😁. I can never say thank you enough. You are my real MVPs.

NOTE: Always have a smile on your face, as you are never fully dressed without one.


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A life free from worries, the love and care of parents, games and fun are some of the reasons why you have preferred childhood to adulthood.

Childhood is the stage where dreams are formed that will guide adult life.

Successes in the contest.

Very true. Our future is shaped from childhood. Thank you

I appreciate this your sentence

Only adults know the real value of childhood because children do not understand these things.

It is true all we know when we were young is to grow big we didn't really know how adulthood would be, childhood refused to reveal adulthood to us, we only play and eat and do not know how our next stage of life will be. Thank you for taking part in this contest, I wish you success

Thank you for your kind words.

You have made a wonderful entry on the topic under review my friend, you prefer childhood for the following reasons No worries, Pure love and Memories. This are great attributes associated with childhood. Myself i prefer childhood to adulthood, i wish you success in this contest my friend. Steem on! Please kindly visit my blog and also engage with me.

Thanks Senior, I upto to you a lot, so it means more coming from you.

Having no worries and experiencing pure love is the sweetest part of our childhood days which I would never forget it's something that is so special to everyone that grow up as a child. Honestly, you have highlighted some good points in your post which I love so so much. Thank you for the sound information you have shared. Best of luck to you.

Thank you for your time. I gives me joy knowing you enjoy my piece of work

Childhood is always the best Even though you did not share your childhood pictures with us😁

There is always this joy when you know that you are covered as a child. Childhood is very sweet unlike adulthood.

I share your feelings. Thank you for kind gesture

You are always welcome🤗


Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Heelo mate, you have explained adulthood and childhood comprehensively which I find informative, I see your prefer childhood because of no worries, pure love and memories, truly childhood is sweet but then I prefer the hood of reality, a stage where fantasies cant exist.

Thanks for sharing
Comments on my engagement publications will be appreciated

Thank you for your time here. I will certainly do.

You are welcome

Childhood is a beautiful stage that allowed us to become the adults we are today. I enjoyed reading your publication. Best of luck

Thank you for your time and kind words, it means a lot to me.

Hello, @sahmie I really enjoyed reading your post. All your points are reasonable. You make very important comments about childhood and adulthood. The events that happened in your early life are very beautiful and joyful. Your post is beautiful and I wish you the best in the future.

You want to make me cry with you kind words. Thank you for your kind words..

Hola amigo, definitivamente no estas solo al preferir la infancia, jajaja. Esa etapa de nuestras vidas es tan hermosa, llena de diversión, amor puro de nuestros familiares, sin muchas preocupaciones, comer, dormir, y muchas cosas más que deseariamos hacer hoy en dia, pero la adultez lo complica, jajaja.

Si existierá una máquina del tiempo que nos permita regresar a esa época de inocencia y amor, sería algo genial y hermoso de presenciar.

Muchos éxitos.

Wow! Am touched my you motions.. Please try not to forget also that childhood is only to prepare us for adulthood.

Hola hermoso el tema de la comunidad de Steemkids pude disfrutar mucho leyendo cada post... Me sorprendió como definen un niño en tu país, un niño, menor de 18años...

Yes, according to law, any one under the age of 18 is a child.

I read through your publication as i kept on looking for a childhood photo of you 😂. Just like you, i also chose childhood over adulthood because of similar reasons, but my favorite amongst the reasons you listed is the memories. As kids, we make so many memories which determines how our adulthood could look like.

Thank you for sharing, i invite you to visit my entry too.

Thank you for having my back. I really appreciate.

You are welcome.