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I donated 10% of the prize to @steemkidss, to help the community progress


Hello steemians, lovers of children around the world who have joined this beloved community. At this meeting I shared my student activities today with all steemians. Before I get into the discussion, I want to talk a little about children. Early childhood growth and education is the country's biggest investment. If they can grow well, we can see the bright future they create. Because they will make a significant contribution to the progress of a country.




Let's get into the discussion. On December 23, 2021, to be exact, I as a teacher from (TK Mesra) teach these children a lesson that is very important and very much needed in the future that will come to all of them. today I and other teachers teach these children about Mathematics and more precisely about counting.

Why I say math is important because it can help these children to think more systematically. This is a very important thing not only for them but also for adults, because we cannot avoid it.

By teaching them this math can start the habit of counting, practice series, and the like, unconsciously we have forced the brain to get used to thinking sequentially.


In today's lesson, I and other teachers gave the most basic lesson from mathematics as I said above, namely counting. The way we teach our students is by making simple pictures and we also give numbers in the picture. For example there is a picture of two apples and plus one apple eats there are several apples that will be there. And they answered by drawing a picture of four apples for example, It looks easier for us compared to teaching these children using their fingers. Because if you use this method illustrates that teaching them will feel younger because by using this technique in addition to being able to count they can also draw in one lesson, they will get two knowledges at once in one lesson.


They really enjoyed what we shared with them they were so eager to answer the questions we asked. Like their children in general and also questions in general there is a time when it is right and there is a time when it is wrong when answering it. we continue to support them so they don't get bored while studying and so they can answer the questions we give.

And it doesn't feel like when we are engrossed in studying, it doesn't feel like the clock is starting to show the hands of time that our study time is over, and it's also time to go home. And their mother is waiting to pick them up and will also give lessons at their respective homes.

That's my post this time about children's activities. If there are wrong words, please give me advice, so that I can be a good teacher for the children I teach and also become a better steemians. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.

I Thanks to: @ngoenyi , @steemkidss , @goodybest , @mariajruizb , @eliany, @humaidi

let's join #club5050 and do lower ups regularly, this is very important for future growth.


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Well you are a good teacher, your choice of words and reasoning tell me so. Teaching Maths or counting is really important not just to the kids but to us adults. Every day we do counting even in seemingly little things. Thanks for your efforts.

Why is it important because if we don't have this knowledge we are likely to be cheated because in my village there is such a thing

Saludos amigo. Mi respeto para ti. Que bueno que estés orientando a los niños de esta manera. Los niños identifican muy rápido las cosas cuando trabajan de manera sencilla, eso los ayuda a descubrir otras cualidades porque se interesan en conocer muchas cosas. Felicidades. Gracias por contribuir en la comunidad.

Estoy muy feliz porque apoyas lo que hago, este es un apoyo separado para mí de forma indirecta. Gracias hermana mía.


🙏 thanks for you

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