How do kids Celebrate Christmas

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Christmas is a huge deal for a lot of kids in word. There is no school, families put up Christmas trees and decorations, they eat a lot of food, they sing carols... And, of course, there is also Santa and all his gifts! Due to the coronavirus, this year's celebrations may be a little smaller and may even involve online gatherings.

Christmas, on the other hand, is typically celebrated differently in different areas of the world. Let us have a look at how various nations used to celebrate holidays before to Covid-19 and social isolation.


In England, most individuals begin putting up Christmas decorations as early as mid-November. Many families deck up their homes with a slew of fairy lights and glistening decorations.

Visitors to the houses' decorations are also asked to make gifts to local charity. So, if you enjoy the exhibition, remember to drop some extra coins into the honesty boxes to benefit worthy organizations.

Christmas is observed on December 25th, the 25th of the year. The 26th of December is also a bank holiday. Friends and relatives are frequently visited on Boxing Day, December 26th, to exchange gifts.



In Australia, it is customary to attend Christmas picnics arranged by various churches and to sing Christmas songs on the beach in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Because Australia being in the southern hemisphere, the festive season occurs in the summer, therefore it is simple to see why friends and family typically meet at the beach over the Christmas season.
On Christmas Day, young people, families, and friends congregate in Bondi Beach, near Sydney.



A Yule log, or a good fire in the fireplace, is a typical custom in many locations, but in Catalonia, Spain, there's a new spin on that - the Christmas Log.

This piece of wood has a face and a hat on it and is covered in a blanket. For the most of December, children pretend to feed it.

On Christmas Eve, the children hit the wood with a stick while singing a song. They take off the blanket to find concealed sweets and gifts that the log is meant to have "pooped" out!
And that's interesting.



Although Christmas is not an official holiday in Japan, many people and businesses decorate with lights and trees. Young children will get gifts, and the family will dine on fried chicken instead of turkey.

Christmas Eve, on the other hand, is regarded a particularly romantic occasion - similar to Valentine's Day in Canada. Couples will exchange gifts and dine out on special occasions. On Christmas Eve, restaurants are typically booked months in advance.
Its interesting how they eat a lot of kfc during japanese christmas.

There are many countries in the world and out of random chose these three countries to talk about,

Kindly give me a comment, lets know how you will be celebrating this coming Christmas with family or friends.

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