Wednesday – I spy with my little eye – Mini contest (6)

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Hi kids!

Yip! It is Wednesday and I am back!

Guess what? We got a winner!

First, let’s take another look at last week's clues:

1. It is a 11 letter word
2. You will find it in nature
3. It is a brown, greyish color
4. It is about 60 to 90 cm long
5. It can hurt you!

And the word is… PYCNOGONIDA

🕷 Pycnogonida is also known as sea spiders
🕷 They are difficult to see because of their color
🕷 They’ve got a tiny body with LONG legs
🕷 They have one eye with four parts (four tiny eyes)
🕷 They can have four, five or even six pairs of legs
🕷 The female will release +/- 100 eggs at a time
🕷 The male will gather these eggs on his legs
🕷 They are not harmful to humans but their legs can sting you

Congratulations to our winner @imohmitch who receives 4 Steem.

For guessing and trying hard to figure out the word I am giving 1 Steem to @seeger



Time for your next game!

The game is exactly like last week;

The game “I spy with my little eye” is sort of a detective game. The “spy” is the person who sees something and the rest of the players must then guess what the spy is seeing.

Of importance it must be something that you can see and not something you can feel like an emotion.

BUT, “I spy with my little eye” is so much more than just a spy game;

  • It is a thinking game
  • It teaches you how to use your logic and reasoning and
  • It grows your vocabulary

The contest

For today I am going to give you the letter with which the word starts plus 5 points or “clues” which you can take in consideration to figure out what the word can be.

Ready or not… let’s learn, play and win!

I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter “C”.


1. It is a 10 letter word
2. It is an electronic device
3. It is made of durable type of plastic
4. A binary code is used to process numbers
5. You have to put something in to get something out


How to participate?

  • You can reply on this post by posting your word or you can write an article about your word
  • You can only enter once

What is up for grabs?

The first correct answer will take home 2 STEEM this week.

The word and the winner will be announced next week and it there is no winner the prize will carry over until there is a winner.

Until next week, keep guessing!


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A Calculator starts with the letter C

1. And it's spelt with 10 letters [Calculator]
2. It is an electronic device because it uses a battery 🔋
3. Calculators are made of durable type of plastic
4. They are digital so they use binary code to process numbers
5. Like most computers, calculators are garbage in garbage out.


All that remains now is for you to wait until Wednesday to see if you are right
Only 6 more sleeps! (•ิ‿•ิ)

It's has 10 letters
It is an electronic device
It is made of plastics
Binary code is used to process numbers
It is a


Umh… Wednesday is right around the corner 😊

This is lovely...

I love riddles because they feel like cryptography and I think I may have the answer to this one.

If you have the answer my friend... spit it out! (•ิ‿•ิ)

Hi @patjewell, that looks not really attractive, to tell teh truth I do not like spider, although I know that they do great job for exo-system.

That was interesting, I think I would never guesss, but was a pleasure to try and thanky for your price :)

The pleasure is mine.
Awaiting your next answer in anticipation 😊
Ps: I also don’t like spiders

I am afraid this time someone already foudn the solution: Calculator. It is a shame :(

You will just have to wait until Wednesday to see if the person was right :-)


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Awh! Thank you!
@huzaifanaveed1, it is appreciated! 🙏

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Thank you! Always there to support! 🧀

Rat love.gif

Awh! I'm missing your images. I am missing you guys!!
Gosh! I must be female after all. I'm sitting here with big crocodile tears in my eyes.
Team7Up was the first "family" I had on Steemit. You played such on important role in my Steemit journey. 💝

I hope we can team up again for the coming month. We had an amazing run as a team, that's made the whole family sentimental but then the villain (Steemit team 😅) got us separated.

Yah okay! You got a smile out of me!
I will keep my fingers cross!

Great post👍 Reshared on @southernafrica


Greetings dear friend, as always you present great dynamics for children, many successes 🥰🥰

Thank you 🌼

How would I have thought of Pycnogonida? This would have meant starting from the end of the P word list to the beginning. My dictionary needs to be smart ndien😅

Oh my word!! You had me laughing!
I literally bust our laughing and first had to tell the family why I was laughing so much!
We have an Afrikaans word "kostelik" for this.
Now you can just ask Google to translate, no dictionary. 😂
You better guess this weeks clue as it is much easier.

My Hi Translate app interprets “kostelik” as “costly”.😁

1. It is a 10 letter word
2. It is an electronic device
3. It is made of durable type of plastic
4. A binary code is used to process numbers
5. You have to put something in to get something out

The word is calculator. You omitted something very important. You know you could have mentioned that it is also an effective “means of communication” for innocent rosy-cheeked babies like me.

When I was younger, all I had to do was dial my daddy's number and say, “Hello, daddy! Please can you get me two packets of cheeseballs, 1 pack of surprise bag, and a lot of sweets and oranges?”

Fiam! my message will be delivered to daddy.

Don't ask me how that was possible. Maybe this device is telepathic. Who knows? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Man oh man! How I enjoyed reading your reply @5 in the morning.
Now this is what makes Steemit enjoyable!
Thank you 🌼

I can relate to this. LOL.

Sure. Hahaha


from the look of things i think that it is a calculator, because you put something in to get something out which is the result of what you put in

Umh... guess what?
You have to wait until Wednesday to see if you were right (•ิ‿•ิ)