Aim Your Blows Where And How They Will Count: The May Community Curators Hashtags Are out, Use Them Where Appropriate

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Hello dear lovelies, greetings to you all! Today, I wast to compile the may hashtags that the community curators who are going to make use of steemcurators 4 to 8 so that you can tailor your publications according to their hashtags and stand a chance to receive support from them.

First of all , I want to appreciate the steemit team for their tiredness efforts in ensuring that our interests are cared for. By carefully choosing selfless teams each month to handle curations. It's a very wonderful initiative. If you regularly check up on updates from @steemitblog, you will not miss out on anything.

I as well want to congratulate all the teams that have been selected for may curation. Some retained their position while others are new. They have all released the hashtags that they will be following to curate our publications. You surely will want yours to be visible to them, not so? And do you know that a new theme is formed? Yes, we now have the #learmwithsteem. You can check this update from@steemitblog

It is at this background that I want to combine all their hashtags so that it can be easier for us all in this wonderful community for kids.


Teams And Members

Yes, the following teams and themes were selected

@janemorane(leader),@alena-vladi, @cindycam, @eliany, @jyoti-thelight, @nishadi89, @shohanaArts - art, crafts, photography, music, poetry, creative writingRetained
@kouba01(leader) @chiabertrand, @fredquantum, @irawandedy, @nane15, @pelon53, @shemul21Finance & Technology - finance, business, crypto, science, technology, computingRetained
@event-horizon(leader)@alee75, @chriddi, @o1eh, @the-gorilla, @willeusz, @whyshyLifestyle - health, fitness, sport, leisure, food, travelRetained
@anroja(leader) @baycan, @graceleon, @juichi, @malikusman1, @olesia, @ubongudofotMy Life - the Diary Game, My Town in Ten Pics, acts of kindness, charity🆕 team
@patjewell(leader)@haidermehdi, @harferri, @kiwiscanfly, @klen.civil, @ngoenyi, @disconnectSteem Growth - Steem promotion, marketing, development, contestsretained. Only leader changed
@reminiscence01(leader) @cryptogecko, @daytona475, @fabio2614, @maazmoid123, @tucsond, @zmorenoLearn with Steem - courses, tutorials, lessons🆕 theme and team

These six teams with these themes have chosen hashtags that are unique to them which if you follow, your publications will be visible, enabling them to curate if they meet the quality.


tags are as follows

#art #creative #photography #music #handicrafts #writing #poetry #dance #craftsArts led by @janemorane
#FinTech #Finance #Business #Cryptography #Science #Technology #ComputingFinance & Technology led by @kouba01
#food #travel #sport #lifestyle #health #garden #leisureLifestyle led by @event-horizon
#steemgrowth #learnwithsteem #contestSteem Growth led by @patjewell
#thediarygame #actofkindness #charity #news #mytownin10picsMy Life led by @anroja
#learnwithsteem #tutorial #lessonLearn with Steem led by @reminiscence01


Target Your Publications According To these Tags

Having learned about all these tags, the next thing to do is to publish your contents according to these hashtags. You are free to make your publications according to these themes or topics and then freely use the hashtags that relate to the chosen theme.

If you choose to write on them, visit this post to choose the correct tags to use. You will definitely find steemit to be very interesting and there will be nothing like discouragement as these themes will regularly visit your publications and support you if

  • Your publication is steemexclusive
  • you have not plagiarized
  • You use the right tag
  • You must write in at least 300 words
  • What you have written is according to the tag you have used
  • Your voting CSI is above 5% learn about voting CSI from @madilyn02
  • You are in club5050, club75 or club100
  • You have applied markdown styles, at least the ones found in this post and others
  • You are not using any of the bid bot services

And any other rules.


🚫Do Not Abuse The Hashtags

Do not just use any hashtags. Target the Hashtags that you will use according to the topic. Abusing the Hashtags like using the #thediarygame when you have written about arts. And so on. This will be wrong. So please, be properly guided

I am excited that the curators have at least let us know the tags to use and as such, we are not in the dark. We can get to work. In everything, learn to target your blows where it will count, that is, learn to target the Hashtags and use them correctly.

Thank you all for abiding by the rules. Let's see how it goes!

This is my introductorypost here


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