Week#9 drawing challenge of an elephant by @michael-akpan

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Hello everyone, it's another week with another new drawing challenge, week#9 drawing contest is so challenging, all is well I thank God for his grace for me to join this contest. I promise to try my very best in order to impress my viewers. and I also thank @eliany for this week drawing contest of an elephant.



Elephant can be described as the largest living land animal with a Long trunk, lip and nose, it has eyes and flat ears, columnar legs and huge head, they are greyish to brown in colour, they has sparse and coarse body hair. they feed on plant and vegetables which make them herbivorous animal and they belong to elephantidae family.they live mostly in savanna, grassland and forest. elephant is one of the most intelligent and peaceful animal.


Qualities of an elephant

Elephant is one of the most intelligent animals, they are sometime bold or shy, they are peaceful and patience, they don't react fast, they like to eat sugarcane and banana, they are possess with complex emotions, feelings, self-awareness and compassion, they are very quiet but. they has voice, they eat plants and vegetables, they use their strong trunk to dig up vegetation creat watering holes in where they is no water in which plants and animals benefited on it.

Have you seen one before? If yes, where?

I have not seen elephant physical before but I have seen them on television show and I also seen them on some books. With time, I will like to see one physically.

Are they important to man?

Elephant are very important to man in so many ways, they are source of income to man, elephant help in distributing and planting of forest trees, which man will use in manufacturing, producing and carpentry work, it can be keep in zoo for man to visit and pay to see how they look physically which also bring income to man, their horn are use to produce something which can be sales and make profit by man.

Steps of sketching my Elephant.



  • A4 PAPER

I started my drawing from the face


Step 2
I now put the trunk.


Step 3
I sketch part of the body


Step 4

I sketch the whole body.


Step 5

I shaded it and now have my full drawing of an elephant.



Elephant is a very intelligent animal in the forest, which eat plants and vegetables.
Thanks you all for voting and commenting on my post.

I will like to invite some of my steemians friends to join this contest.

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I go follow draw this one, e no go hard. Make tomorrow come. I go follow do am. But u try well well o, no be say e no hard. Well done!

Thank you,

Congratulations 🎊

Your post has been upvoted by The PERFECT seven - Arts Team member @eliany using steemcurator04 account, your efforts is appreciated keep making quality art posts, using #art


This is a beautiful elephant!
Congratulations and a huge good luck for the contest

Amigo el elegante unos de los mamíferos más grandes, lo dibujastes perfecto con una buena tecnica te felicito, saludos

A cute elephant 😀. Thank you for your participation, I'll soon draw my own, I hope it will be as fine as yours

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