week #15 ||drawing challenge|| of a pig by @michael-akpan||club 75||

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hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well, i really appreciate this another opportunity giving to us by @eliany for us to show our drawing talent by challenging ourselves in this week #15 drawing contest of a pig🐖 all thanks to her and @steemkids as a whole and also pls permit to use this medium to appreciate those that contributed to my success in the last week drawing of a zebra, I thank you all.

This week drawing challenge is my favorite so even though I don't have time, I promise myself not to miss it because I too like fried puck meat, therefore I am going to give you guys a really pencil drawing of a pig that will challenge all other drawing for this week #15.


Describe a pig

A pigs can be described as an animal that eat both plant and animals matter. which simply means they are omnivorous mammals, with stout-bodied, short-legged, thick skin and light hair on it and also has a large ear, they eat anything the see even including their young once when they are hungry, pigs like dirty and cool place.

What qualities does pigs have?

there like dirty environment and also love to stay in a cool place like mud and water environment, they can be trainable, they are intelligent and social, they use behavior to control their temperature, they also have great concentration on what they are doing and they will give all their energy to make it done. they can easily be fooled because they can detect tricks.


Have you seen one before? If yes, where?

Yes, I have seen many before and i also have 4 which I feet and train to support myself financially.

Are they important to man?

Yes, pigs are very important to man in so many ways, man raise pig and sold them to solved their financial problems, and some will also killed them to make puck meat and also make their profit. and pigs are also serve as meat to man.etc.




  • A4 PAPER



  • I begin my pencil drawing of a pig from sketching the face part. I start from drawing the nose, I put eyes and one ear.



In step 2, I now added some body part like legs and the belly side and also complete the second ear.



I complete the lets and then added little tail to it.



My final step I then complete the body part to get my full drawing.


I invite

To join this week#15 drawing challenge of a pig.

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Your drawing is very nice, welldone

Thank you ma

Hi thank you for taking part in this contest, your entry is noted. Your description of pig is understandable by your readers, continue making quality post with us here.

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Thanks am grateful

Well done! Your drawings are getting better and better with each week. Pretty soon you will be a well known sketch artist on Steemit 😊
Keep up the good work!

Thank you ma, I will always try my possible

Each week you make amazing drawings in the community, I'm amazed at this one. Weldon for your great drawing skill. I wish you success

Thank you very much I really appreciate you for encouraging me.

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You have done well bro. Your drawing is so unique. Wish you the best

Thanks bro am delighted

Your pig is fine but looks as if he or she wants to fight another or is very hungry hurriedly looking for food to eat, you know pigs are good eaters, as they're eating, they will be making some sounds, all the Same well done @michael-akpan, your pig is fine!😂

Thank you ma, pig really like food and they can do anything stupy when they are not fed

That's very true but most annoying is that a pig can eat it's baby, Does it mean she forgot its her baby?

This is very impressive, I like your drawing brother, it came out neat. I wish you all the best.

Thank you for appreciating my drawing

You are welcome

Hermoso dibujo del cerdito, muy buena pose y bastante alegre, felicidades, @michael-akpan

This pig drawing is so beautiful and unique, you have written so well about pig thank you for sharing with us

Thank you so much for your word of motivation