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John and Priscilla are happily married couple with two children. Very often, John takes care of everything in the kitchen cooking nutritious meals for the family though his wife Priscilla is a good cook. Why does John loves cooking for his family? Simply put, he learned the art of cooking from his mother.

Do you have young boys at home? Can they cook a meal for themselves or are they treated like masters while the girls serve them? Why should the boys learn cooking at home? Let's see how important teaching the little boy how to prepare a simple delicious meals is.

To some people, cooking should be a label given to girls only. These class of people might think the boy child is to be the head or at least over the girl child in the house and so should be given a preference when it comes to kitchen matters. But consider the following reasons:

  • Suppose the girl child falls sick and the mother travels, would the boy go hungry?

  • What if he leaves home to a high school, should he be eating out every day? That won't be healthy.




Well aside from the above, there are more stronger reasons including

  • Cooking is one major skill a parent should inculcate to a child and in this article, to the boy child.

  • Children tend to develop more self worth and invested when they contribute to what they eat. It makes easy for them to be able to choose healthy food when they grow up. The boy child inclusive.

  • In today's technological world where children are often glued to watching TV and pressing their phones, they can be helped to balance their time by assigning them to prepare a meal. The boy child shouldn't be excluded.

  • Like John mentioned above, learning to cook for the family prepares the boy child to acquire the ability to care for the emotional wellbeing of his wife in the future.

  • Before preparing a meal, he thinks what benefits others in the family.

  • The kids learn mathematics as they cook because cooking involves measurements from vegetables to salt, from pepper to spices, all require proper measurements. So the boy child should get involved in kitchen matters.

From the foregoing, it's glaringly clear that the boy child should be given the privilege to enter the kitchen. They'll be thankful later.

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Thanks for sharing your views with us, truly parents needs to teach their male child house chores too it will help to grow and become responsible, considerate and kind adult. Michael is doing great 😃 thanks for sharing with us and for being active in our community we love and appreciate you 💕



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Am grateful to read your response. Thanks dear.