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Hello kids lovers, parents and guardians,
I trust you are receiving upvoted blessings hahaha. I'm bringing something great that you should be aware of. So stimulate your focus to read this article.

What do you know about AVOCADO PEAR?🍐
Is your baby between one and two years?
Are you breastfeeding or planning to transit your baby to solid food and don't know what to start with?
This article will vividly help you to know the nutrients dense value of AVOCADO PEAR.


Quick takeouts

Avocado gives to toddlers - 1-3 year old:
🥑. Fiber - 2 grams
🥑. Vitamin C - 2ml grams
🥑. Folate - 20 micrograms
🥑. Magnesium - 10ml grams
🥑. Vitamin K - 5mic grams/25gram of serving.

Whether your baby is up to three years or below, AVOCADO PEAR is a wonderful choice to introduce as his/her first fruit intake. Why? Because of its composition, it contains no sugar, can donate up to 2.5gm of monoun-saturated fat which serves the heart well and 0.5 poly-unsaturated fat at each serving of 25grams for the child's diet.

Moreso, the smooth creamy texture together with the nice taste of avocado gives it an edge over other fruits that are rough in texture. Now with all the nutrients packed up in avocado 🥑, what results would be seen in the child's health? The following results can be achieved:
🥑. It boosters the child's brain function and eye wellbeing.
🥑. The child's hunger will be satisfactorily cared for.
🥑. It can prevent the child from becoming obsessed.
🥑. It supports the growth of the child as well as the kid's muscle building.
🥑. If a child is susceptible to constipation, eating avocado helps the digestive system because avocado contains potassium.


Did you know

  • you can add a little breast milk or your baby's formula to the smashed or blended avocado flesh for your child?
  • you can add banana to avocado, blend and serve your baby?
  • you can also scoop avocado flesh, cut small piece of onions, add a little of vegetables or spinach, add a tea spoon of oil and cook? It'll be so yummy to your baby.
  • you can still mix egg yolk with avocado, add a little of milk to make it more creamer and serve the child? (If the baby is devoid of allergies).

Just be versatile in the preparation, your child will be happier taking this delicious nutrients packed fruit as his/her first fruit.

Thanks for reading through.

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Wow! I know avocado o be very good for health even our skin. I have heard so mug about avocado pear but this article has move me to try out the recipe for my kids. Thank you for this write up

We're together

Very good food for children, have you try the seed


Thanks for sharing this valuable contents with us ma'am, truly the benefits of avocado 🥑 can't be overstated. I personally like it so much, we appreciate your effort in our community, keep it up ma'am!