Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W1: My dreams in childhood by @lebey1

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Childhood has been the best period I have lived up to this moment. The feeling of not having responsibility or the weight of caring for another human makes life so easy. The sensation I feel as I reminisce about my childhood makes me feel good.

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I have thousands of childhood dreams, but I will list the few I can remember as of the time of writing. The dreams are itemized below:

  • Become a University graduate before 20 years
  • Having a master's degree before the age of 25 years
  • Being a Banker
  • Working at a Bank as a Banker
  • Marrying at the age of 25 years
  • Own a car at 26 years
  • having a kid at 27 years
  • Being able to see the world
  • Having a business of my own before 30 years.

I want to say a big shoutout to my mother, who helped me and supported my dreams. She was my backbone and is still my backbone to this date. She supported me financially, emotionally, and spiritually (through prayers). She saw my dreams as viable and threw all she had to make them a reality.

So among the dreams I was able to realize were:

  • Become a University graduate before 20 years
  • Being a Banker (I became a banker academically as I graduated with a BSC Banking and Finance Degree)
  • Being able to see the world (I have been in a lot of places locally, i.e., in Nigeria, and I am working on seeing places outside the shores of Nigeria)

I write this with a heavy heart as thousands of dreams remain unrealized and, truth be told, many would never be accomplished. The reason is that I have exceeded the age I set for achieving those dreams.

Dreams that I know I can not achieve anymore are:

  • Being a Banker (Profession)
  • Marrying at the age of 25 years
  • Own a car at 26 years
  • having a kid at 27 years

The above dreams are dreams I made before the age of 14, and they were valid dreams of that time. The key things that disrupted my dreams were the lack of funds and my inability to secure a good-paying job. I got my first good job five years after graduating the University. So, in all honesty, not being to secure a good-paying job affected my realization of the dreams above. Also, I had to drop out of University while doing my Masters's degree program. I was close to achieving this target but could not, as funds were out of grasp, and I had to drop out.

For the banker as a profession, I grew out of that dream. I had work offers in a Bank, but I turned them down. Working in a bank was a childhood dream, but as an adult, it is not something I want o to pursue anymore as I have newer goals now, and working as a banker is not one of them.

Inviting the following people to joy the fun


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I was about to ask you how it was possible for you to graduate before 20 in this fatherland of mine where you get to spend extra years in school due to the incessant strike actions. It's sad that you had to drop out of school at that time. Is there how you can continue from where you stopped?

I really wish you all the best in your endeavours.

the school i attended then (Kwara state university ) was not part of ASUU as of that, that was how i was able to graduate before 20

childhood is actually the best life we often experience since it's an dependent age life where we think of nothing apart of the food we will eat , play , go to sleep, get up and go to church or school. Our minds are 100% free because they is no burden on our heard since we no task work to full fill at that moment and our parents/guidance turn to provide us with basically everything we need.

I love all your dreams During your childhood life I'm glad you achieve some of them. Though you didn't achieved some, I believe it's because God has special plans for you. I thank God for your parents as they have been assisting you from childhood life up to this time. May good continue to replenish their source and may your dreams be successful

Amen. Thanks for the prayers and kind wishes. Thanks for stopping by

Your dream in childhood were beautiful and big, even though we sometimes grew out of some dreams and having new ones, you want to be a banker by profession but you later grew out of it.

Sorry about dropping out of University while doing your master's degree, I believe you can still achieve the dream when you are financially stable and you cars, marriage and kids are coming soonest. With God all things are possible, thank you for sharing.

Thanks for reading.. I appreciate

Oh my
You set goals and you achieved but now you turned them down, maybe you now want me to be a programmer.
Most you if nowadays want to become that, are you too?

you can still achieve the goals to could not achieve I know the time might have passed but in the right time it will surely be achieved

Good luck

Thank you for the well wishess


It is quite interesting to see that you had a lot of goal that you keep and planned for yourself.
But i believe that in life the way we planned thing and conditions our mind at tender age do not mean that actually that. Same part is going to be the best for us.
Being a banker is also like a dream come true for every young man and I believe that you still succeeded in your dream .and I know it is never to late to still achieve what you plan during your young age dispite the fact that you did not still achieve those dreams at you tender age even though you are old now

thanks for the kind review

You are highly welcome my good friend

Thanks to the support of your mother, you have been able to achieve some of your dreams.

Your car, marriage and children can arrive very soon, you just have to keep working on it.