I love to take photos: My daily outfits ! Indian Tradition ! Sarees,Chudidhars & Tops

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Hi all, My name is Lavanya, Housewife from India.

This is my entry post for the # Steemkids community's I love to take photos by @madilyn02.

It's a wonderful contest because our outfit represents our culture and tradition to others.

I am a housewife, so mostly I don't wear western clothes; I only choose sarees, chudidhars, tops, and leggings for my needs.


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Dressing up is something that I've always been passionate about. I love to try out new styles and different looks. But I have limitations, so I choose what is close to my tradition.

I think one of the best parts of dressing up is confidence, especially when you're trying new things. When you feel confident in what you're wearing, it gives you a boost of energy, which helps with all aspects of life. You can be more creative when you have that confidence in yourself! I strongly believe it. That's why I always try new and different styles for my kids. Because at present, my choices are limited in my home.

I prefer lightweight cotton dresses, and my saree collection includes cotton, slik, printed, designer, pattu, and many others. Those range in price from expensive to inexpensive. Mostly, we buy costly sarees for wedding needs.

Based on my needs, I choose which dress I want to wear.

This means if I go to a temple or any function, I mostly wear sarees. If I go to nearby malls, I wear tops and leggings. If I go for any other purpose, like shopping or visiting friends' houses, I wear churidars.

As a result, I choose my outfit based on the location and significance of the occasion.

My Daily Outfit Cloths No-1 : Sarees

Sarees are my favourite everyday clothes.

I set my sarees in the number one position. Because when I go to temples, family occasions, and marriages, I wear sarees mostly.

I sometimes choose which to wear based on the amount of time I have to travel, the importance of the function, and my relationship with them. That day, I decided on my dress attire.

My daughter sometimes chooses her matching dress, which I find very enjoyable.


This is My Picture when I go to Attend Function In Temple

Last week, one of my relatives' 50th marriage anniversary was conducted in Arulmigu Thiyagarajaswamy Temple, Chennai.

I belong to one of the most ancient temples in my area, so I wear a light-weight designer saree to attend this function.

My Daily Outfit Cloths No-2 : Chudidhars

My Chudidhars are my second priority in dressing. Mostly, for all my needs, I prefer those. because they are very comfortable and easy to handle.

Two days ago, I visited an exhibition near my home. To spend my time there, I wear Chudidhars. Cotton is my primary collection, followed by other varieties. I don't like ready-made dresses because they're not suitable for my height, so I buy material, then give it to a nearby tailor to stitch.


This is my pic when I go to an exhibition

Here I am wearing a simple cotton chudidhar. It is the best choice for me to enjoy my time here.

My Daily Outfit Cloths No-3 : Tops & Leggings

It's my third priority dressing outfit. Mostly I don't have that much of a collection, but for regular daily use I use this variety of clothes. That's to always choose cotton tops, mostly with branded leggings.


This is my pic when I go to the movie with my family

I recently went to VR Mall with my family to watch a movie. For this purpose, I wear a cotton top with leggings. because it's best for me to enjoy it there with comfort and confidence.

So, I choose my outfit based on my mood, where I'm going, and the significance of the occasion.

Thanks for making this such a wonderful contest for us.

I inviting my friends to participate in this contest @ikmalhariamuna, @ripon0630 ,@ternuritajessi @zulhendra, @msdbitco and @shohana1.

For knowing more details about this contest go through this link

Thanks all for spending your valuable time on my publication.

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Your looking beautiful sister in both saree and the smiling face of your daughter is too cute.

Thank you my friend.

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Today your photographs are very beautiful. I especially liked the photography when I went to the cinema with my family. And you look great in saree.

Thanks for compliment.


Blessed day friend, I hope you are well with the favor of God. I loved all your outfits for every occasion. I agree with what you say, the important thing is to be comfortable with our styles and feel good wearing them. I wish you a great day ☀️ and many successes. Thanks for sharing. Cheers

Thank you very much my friend.

muy bonita photo of teniendo en cuenta el escarabajo chupando miel,

Thank you my friend

It's great to know you love to take pictures and you wear saree, the traditional Indian dress. You look very beautiful in saree.

Thanks for complement


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Thank you @mato445 for your great support.

Thank you @lavanyalakshman so much for sharing this quality content with us. You have shared with us about your daily outfits and they are looking impressive on you

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Thank you my friend.

Best your luck in this contest 🚀

Thank you my friend.

Very cute family photo before going to Cinema Hall. Women in saree looks beautiful but I like churidar or salwar kamiz. P

Thank you very much for compliment.

Wow, along with your clothing and wardrobe, I saw your entire family, too or maybe you have one more child 🎉

I love south Indian culture and I enjoyed it during my long stay in Bangalore and I had an office in Chennai too. Vanakkam and May God bless you.

I having only one Daugter,but living in joint family so having another Two kids in my family.

Can i know in field your office situated here??

Thanks for stopping my friend.

Our office was in Ethiraj Salai, in Egmore, but I am no more working with that company. Thanks for your kind response.

Oh ok. Take care