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submission post for the contest LINK by my great community @steemkids.

These are the reasons why I want to explore Dubai.

Dubai Parks and inns


I want to explore Dubai Parks and motels for at least 2 to three days. This extraordinary area has 3 thoughts-blowing subject matter parks and one water park.

burj khalifa

most genuinely the tallest building inside the international, the Burj Khalifa excursion is one enchantment I virtually can not omit. The superbly particular Islamic architecture puts the Burj Khalifa inside the ‘tallest building’ class of its personal.


The Dubai Fountain is about on the 30-acre artifical Burj Lake, which I plan to cruise to look at the fountain choreography at night.

the city of atlantis

The lost city is one in every of my dream destinations, with its mysterious glass underground grottos containing myriad marine lifestyles. The misplaced metropolis is literally a entire reconstruct of the metropolis of Atlantis as we think it turned into then. i'm additionally in reality going to experience playing with the pleasant dolphins.

Burj al arab

No, I won’t be staying on the 7-big name Burj Al Arab, but that doesn’t imply I don’t lengthy to see it! I need to take images of the fleet of Rolls-Royces parked outdoor the doorway to the tallest hotel inside the world.

duabi dessert

I plan on riding camels in the barren region, pass sand boarding, dune bashing and lots greater. I wish to sleep outside the tent at night and watch the celebs popping out inside the black wilderness sky.

Link to my introductory post LINK

i want to invite my friends to take part in this contest

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I'm telling you my brother, you chose well. All my life I've been planning to visit this city Dubai because of all the folks I've heard about it. I'm so much impressed by the way you listed out things that makes it special and worth visiting. I'm @bossj23. Looking forward to your next post.... Your post will be reviewed soon by any of our mods

Keep on publishing quality post in this community.

Thank you @bossj23 i am also very found of dubai hope we both could catch up their with the will of destiny