Hurray!!!!! Steemkids Is A Year Old Today- Special Anniversary Celebration Contest

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Hello Everyone!


It's my pleasure to be here,hopefully all goes well with everyone, participating in this anniversary contest is a thing of joy to me and I thank God almighty for making all of us to see our lovely, wonderful and amazing community reaching one year though we lost our dear moderator @mariajruizb in the cold hand of death and that makes our joy not to be full😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭but we hope to see her again in God's kingdom when our love ones will be resurrect back to life, my condolences to the family.



In everything we are doing in life first impression really matters a lot so when I here about steemkids community I subscribed immediately and thinks it will be for kids education, since I'm a mother, I will learn a lot from others on how to take care of the kids and that exactly what is happening now.

The community admin and moderator are the most generous in all, they make sure everybody is benefited from booming and vote, they support all the members to grow as long as you create quality contents, everyone effort kudos to you all, accept my warm love to you 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

The one that marvel's me slot is how the spent their time to read all the post, comment and vote every post, the use community account to vote everyone when there's no booming. Help members to stay active by organizing contest and rewarding effort put in by members.
Arrange for teachers to teach the kids, this makes the community to boom always and benefited all at this point I will say you are too much being always on top,at the gear and keep us busy, you are one of my favorite community in steemit, am grateful to you.


All the team members in the community are doing well in their own way putting their best to achieve the goals with it members. I appreciate all the team members of the community for their efforts, skills , support , encouragement , time, understanding, advice and their willingness to work in this community selflessly and tirelessly, thank you very much.

I love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you all but my favorite team members @ngoenyi the founder of this great and amazing Community @steemkids, I love and cherish you, your qualities are rare, you made this community what it is today,may the almighty God Jehovah bless you abundantly for your good work, please keep it up.
You deserve to be a founder, because you welcome collaboration,opinions and ideas of other members, you are a woman with the heart of gold, working with others to achieve the community goals, humble, respect others, pay a listening ear to complains, and offer solution to their problems, more crease to your elbow.


I have so many projects in the community which I love, few of it are :

  • Interesting and educative Contest organized all the time to keep us active

  • Funny, exciting and annoying project that the community organized every weekend

  • Online kids education

  • Skids corner and kiddies hall of fame

  • The creative drawing project



As I said before steemkids community is very educative, so I learned a lot about health, nutrition, science and technology etc.


My love for steemkids is imeasureable, it is my favorite and best community in steemit due to it support, encouragement, unity, sharing of vote and booming and too numerous to mention.


For now the community is perfectly okay and move on well, that is why there is great growth and development in the community, so there is nothing to change.

Congratulations to @steemkids community on your one year anniversary. I wish you more years of celebration and success in steemit journey. We your members are strongly behind you,to grow higher, the sky shall not be our limit.

Thanks for reading


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We all can wish Happy Anniversary to steem kids now. 😍

its good to see you participate in the anniversary celebration of the community @gracyakan

On this special day and week,you have chosen to celebrate with with us. We appreciate you a lot and thank you for being part of us.

Thanks for your support and everything, I'm grateful

Hello @gracyakan, Your post has been selected as one of the quality posts for the day by steemkids community. Congratulations! Please keep making quality and original contents with us here. We love you so much and will like to read more of your posts.

Please endeavour to resteem, vote and comment on the post of selection. Thank you!

Yes ooo, we are still rejoicing about our anniversary, only God can do it we are grateful 🥲🥲🥲

It’s great to read your post. You have contributed to the community with a lot of dedication, thank you!
Best wishes for the contest. 🌼

Congratulations to @steemkidss community you guys are the best platform when it comes to support. I love everything about steemkidss community from their teaching and the rest

Yes, that's absolutely true