MY BUSINESS BY @godimage

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I'm Nathaniel Etim with username @godimage. I deal with phone accessories and phone my shop is located in Nung udoe, a friend of mine @prudent85 introduced me to this platform.
I just did my achievement1 post day
Am happy to know about steemit to day,I wish I knew about them some years ago this my shop that is empty should have been booming by now,steemit is the best.steemit Garry go.
I will accept steem as means of payment in my shop.

Best regards

@ijelady @ngoenyi

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Welcome to Steemit @godimage. Please I will advice you continue with your achievement tasks in newcomers community in order to be more acquainted with #Steemit. Moreover this is the guidelines for steemkids members Make sure you follow them religiously

Thank you so much