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Am really happy to be taking part in this social studies homework lesson, ofcourse am still a long way from marriage as marriage is not for boys and kids who are still under the care of their parents like me, in other to do so they are certain conditions that must be met or satisfied and I will be listing and explaining five of this conditions below as the homework rightly requires.


5 Conditions For Marriage

Marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman that's what I have been taught from infancy and for people contemplating marriage then the following conditions has to be satisfied;

  1. Mutual Love: I believe for a man and a woman who is looking to spend the rest of their lives together then they must love themselves and I feel that love should be mutual and not one-sided or unrequited love because most times when we marry someone we don't love we end up being in an unhappy home or even cheating on our partner because we don't really love them which in turn leads to breaking of marriage vows and scattering of the family.

  2. Financial Readiness: Most things today require money with each passing day our world becomes more expensive and it's almost vital to have money in other to achieve anything of real value or magnitude, it comes as no surprise then that for marriage to have then there must be some level of financial readiness by the two individuals.
    Like other things in lives marriage requires money to cater for the expenses involved and to make it happen, ofcourse it doesn't have to be too extravagant but at least most basic things needed still have to be purchased by money and after marriage there is a lot of expenses to be made to keep the home running in good and manageable conditions that's why two people wishing to get married must first check that when it comes to finance that they are equal to the task.

  3. Compatibility: I also believe which is very important that before marriage it's important for the two person intending to marry to check if they are compatible, marriage is not all about love they should check their genotype to know if they are AA, AS or SS so they will avoid the risk of giving birth to a child just to watch him suffer and also they themselves will not be at rest in case they borne a sickle cell child.
    Understanding that AS and AS is not a fit match for marriage or AS and SS, SS and SS this genotype pairs are unfit for marriage so that's why no matter how much you love him or her always check your genotype compatibility so as not to suffer in future and condemn and innocent child to years of suffering and prospective death.

  4. Consent Of The Parents: Two people intending to marry must seek the consent of their parents and make them aware before hand if who they wish to marry so the parents can give them their blessing if they consent to the marriage. In many customs without the parents consent marriages can't take place and sometimes in some other lands when people also marry without their parents consent they won't have their blessings and they will not have a happy home.

  5. Physiological Fitness: Marriage is not for boys and girls so those intending to marry must be mature enough, especially when it comes to the girls, many customs gives away young girls early for marriage most times they are not matured enough to carry the rigours of child bearing which may lead to disasterous consequences.


The Effects Of Lack Of Readiness To Marriage
  1. Infidelity: When we are forced or pushed into early marriage with someone we have little or no affection for it may lead to infidelity in the marriage, most we look outside of the marriage to fulfil their emotional and sexual need with someone they have a liking to and that will damage the marriage, so adultery could be one of the results of marrying someone you don't really love.

  2. Divorce: This is another effects of lack of readiness to marriage, yes in united states today data carried out shows 50% of marriages usually ends in separation or divorce, this is usually when we enter marriage without being ready and prepared enough to handle problems in marriage or when we are not compatible we see we end up having issues with our mates over every little thing and our home could turn to wrestling ground or filled with constant nagging and argument which eventually leads to broken home and divorce.

  3. Inadequate Finance: Walking into marriage without proper assessment of our financial capabilities could also ruin the marriage as we will end up wallowing in debts and have to deal with a lot of mess because we didn't first sit down and calculate our financial capabilities, in my side for instance many girls jump into marriage with a rich man but when the money vanishes they will pack their loads and go as they don't want a life of sufferness so that's why we need to marry for the right reasons and endeavour to check our financial prowse before marriage.

  4. Un-condusive Environment For Child Upbringing: A home where there is constant fighting and qurelling will leave a bad mark of the children because children tend to learn and be influence by their environment so a child raised in a home filled with hatred we turn out to be violent or exhibiting traits of hatred and may even turn wayward in life as there is no proper and good guidance and examples to emulate.

  5. Lack Of Peace & Happiness: When there is steady fighting and misunderstanding in a home the tend to give rise to an unhappy home and this often leads to depression.


My Say About My Parents Marriage

Well my parents were married at a good age in their twenties and as is evident and rightly demonstrated they have mutual love and respect for one another and they are not without misunderstanding ofcourse but at the end they always makeup and also they also made sure they were compatible before marriage as there genotype were both AA and ofcourse my dad is the breadwinner of the family who hasn't failed in his God-given responsibility in providing for the family whilst my mother also assist in each and every way helping the family to be united and enjoy relative peace and happiness so I firmly believe that my parents satisfy each conditions for marriage and would only wish my own family in the future will be as peaceful and successful as the present one🙂

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Thanks for taking part in this lesson. You have written well about conditions marriage and effects of not being ready for marriage. The points you mentioned are great. Success to you

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Thanks 🙂


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