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Greetings to you our dear kids and kids lovers hope you all have a wonderful day, first of all I will like to introduce my self am @esthyfashion am a fashion designer by profession and I will be teaching you on how to cut and sew clothes and I believe many of you have passion for sewing, so today I will teach you how to measure cloth, before we start I will list out the measurement that is required

Measurement log

Shoulder bust
Shoulder under bust
Under bust waist
Half length
Half length waist
Gown hip point
Gown length
Gown knee length

Trouser Measurement

Lap 1
Lap 2
Trouser knee length
Trouser length

shoulder measurement

You will places your tape at her shoulder then cross it to another shoulder,you do that at the back not front as you see in the picture below

Shoulder bust

You places your tape at the shoulder then you stop it at her nipples, that is called shoulder bust you can see it in the picture below


You round your tape at her shoulder bust, that is how to measure bust measurement check the picture below


Shoulder under bust

You places your tape at the shoulder then you stop it in her under bust, that is shoulder under bust check the picture below

Under bust waist

You round your tape at her under bust, that is call under bust waist check the picture below

Half length

You places your tape from your shoulder then you pass your shoulder bust, then you pass your under bust then you stop it before your novel check the picture below

Half length waist

You round your tape at the half length, that is called half length waist check the picture below

Hips measurement

I round the tape at her bum bum as you can see in the picture below

Gown hip point

You places your tape from the shoulder then you stop at were the bum bum shot out, that is called gown hip point check the picture below

Gown length

You places your tape at the shoulder then you will stop it at the place the person want her dress to stop

Trouser Measurement

Waist measurement

You round your tape at the waist, that is how to measure trouser waist measurement

Lap 1

You round your tape at her laps that is called lap 1 check the picture below


You round your tape at the knee measurement That is how to measure lap 2 check the picture below


You round your tape at the angle, as you can see in the picture below

Thank you all for going through my tutorial please of you have any questions please drop it at the comment section thanks


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@tipu curate

What a wonderful start! I personally appreciate your efforts in joining our wonderful tutors. Your tutorial is very easy to follow. The kids and even kids lovers will learn a lot from you.

Continue to keep it simple and progressive.

Thanks for this wonderful piece. We appreciate your tutorial and hope that it will continue

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Team #Sevengers

Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I hope the kids will love this. However, i urge you to always include #learnwithsteem tag in any of your tutorials.


A mí me gusta coser y este es un post bien interesante amiguita 😊 así puedo ir viendo para aprender

Thank you so much for this wonderful lessons, though binam not a kid I have benefited from it. I can now start practicing how to measure cloth.

Wow ma I really learnt Alot
Thanks for sharing it with us
I will try that myself at home

Hello dear thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial with our kids, anyone can learn from it. Next time include #learnwithsteem in a post like this.



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Thank you for this great tutorial. This is the best way to spark kids' interest for fashion designing. It's simple and succinct.