Story time

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On one faithful day, was sitting outside my house when two kids came in to shout at some elderly in same compound.. at first I was shocked but on another glance I stop to check why the three boys were shouting and it's was explained to me by the boys, that they we playing ball outside on the road side when the man pass by without the ball touching him but due to anger and the elderly man was so angry that the little kids were playing the ball outside that could be dangerous to their health cause of accident... He took the ball Tore it into two and went away, that was why they came in after to yell at him to provide them with another ball... I was discouraged though by the action the old man took but later I understand that the man was not been wicked but he was trying to save the children from any hazardous accident.. that could lead to the lost of life. That was why he took that action but the little boys on the other hand don't understand this at all.. a few minute later some other people gather to hear both side of the story. Later when it's was understood they try to lecture the children that playing is good but playing beside the road side is very dangerous... And that they need to apologize to the man cause he has saved them from some future occurance....

Moral's good to always listen to our elderly when they talk...cause the best lesson one can learn is from the experienced..

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