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Greetings friends of Steemkids. 💜

This is my first post in the community about something other than my drawing lessons, which I really enjoy. Today I present my entry to the community's 1st anniversary contest. Hope you like.

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• Your first impression of the community.

About 1 month ago I met this beautiful community dedicated to the children of Steemit, thanks to my dear friend @patjewell who told me about a publication related to an art project proposal. In my post, I briefly talked about how I learned to draw and gave an idea of how to promote and support art on the platform. The aforementioned friend congratulated me on my publication and invited me to the community to be part of a new project to educate children through lessons.


In the same publication, the dear friend @ngoenyi left me the link of the publication so that I could apply as a Digital Drawing Tutor for children. That day I was very happy for the invitation, I accepted it, made my missing achievements and applied as a tutor, being accepted by the community.


I am currently on my fourth drawing lesson. 🎨💜


Thanks my dear friends!


• Your favorite team member of the community.

I have met great people in this community, but since I have to choose only one person, that is the first one I met, the dear friend @patjewell. She is a great content creator, business mentor in this community, and a warm-hearted, kind, hard-working woman. Thanks to her, I am today presenting this publication to you, and I have been able to impart my knowledge of drawing to the children.

Thank you dear friend!


• Your favorite project of the community.

Without a doubt, the project to educate children "Steemkidsedu" in which I am a part, as I mentioned before. In this project, tutors teach classes in English, business, engineering, social studies, crypto, among others. It is a great community school. Currently the community has already presented the report of this project of the 4th week:



• Did you learn anything useful?

Being dictating my drawing lessons has taught me to organize myself a lot to prepare them and make the revisions to my students.

I am currently studying Civil Engineering online, and I have two jobs online, which consumes a lot of time. Also, being on Steemit requires commitment and dedication. For this reason, being in the community has been very useful for me to achieve a good organization.

On the other hand, reading the posts of the other tutors and members of the community, where they teach us something new, will always be useful for me. Learning is a great treasure.


• Why do you love Steemkids?

I love Steemkids because this community is dedicated to educating and motivating children, through various contests and dynamics. Children are the future of the world, so it is important to educate them on various topics (through lessons, for example), and encourage them to create, study, and be people with values.

On the other hand, I am very motivated to publish and teach about art in the community, and that it is supported by the members. I am very grateful to everyone, thank you. 💜


• What changes would you like to see in the community?

Any suggestions. I personally think the community is doing a good job. The fact of supporting areas that often do not receive the support they deserve, such as the art of drawing, languages, business, among others, means a lot to me. The only thing I can advise is that you continue to support quality publications, made with a lot of effort and love.

Congratulations to the community on your anniversary. Thousands of successes and blessings! 💜


10% of rewards from this post go to the @steemkidss community account

Thank you for reading and supporting me. 💜

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Gracias mis amigos, feliz día. 😁💜

We appreciate you a lot for celebrating with us in our 1st anniversary. You have been part of our growth since you joined.

The role you are playing in helping the kids learn digital drawing is highly valued.

We are also grateful that @patjewell linked you to us. Thanks a lot for your entry

Thank you my friends! for me it is a pleasure to be with you teaching children and all steemians! Blessings and success for your first anniversary of many, greetings! 💜

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Wow, what a nice support. Thousands of thanks, a big hug. 😄😄

amazing entry dear teacher @carlaisl

Thank you my dear student, God bless you!

Greeting dear teacher @carlaisl

Excelente publicación Carlita, esta comunidad se ve que tiene muy buena organización y hace muy bien su trabajo!.. Me alegra mucho que puedas dar clases de tus conocimientos en dibujo digital. Te deseo muchos éxitos!! Felicidades a la comunidad por su aniversario ❤

Gracias Aless, te quiero muchisimo, ya quiero que te unas a esta grandiosa comunidad. Un fuerte abrazo, te quiero mucho! 💜

Muy linda publicación. Felicitaciones a la comunidad por su aniversario. Les deseo muchos éxitos y bendiciones para que sigan creciendo, y puedan enseñen a muchos niños en las diferentes áreas.

Muchísimas gracias. Enseñar a los niños es un tesoro!

Hi thank you for taking part in this contest, thank you for posting actively in this contest, we love you and appreciate you.

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Thank you so much! 🥰

Excelente participación hija en este concurso. Es muy bueno que puedas impartir clases de lo que más te gusta. Te deseo como siempre el mejor de los éxitos! Dios te bendiga

Gracias. Es un gran placer para mi apoyar a esta linda comunidad. Dios te bendiga siempre, te quiero! 🥰