Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W2: Impacts of Technology in kids lives by @benton3

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Hello my great friends. Hope we all had a great weekend. I did too. It is time for another steemit engagement in this great community. This week the topic is The impact of technology in kids life.



This topic is very timely and crucial considering the fact that we are living in a jet age and technological advancement is the main thing. Thus there is need to assess its impact on our lives and that of the children, in order to make the needed adjustment in extreme areas.


Write an overview of how technology has impacted the world as a whole.

Technology cuts across all spheres of life. Everything we do in life today has a technological contribution to it. If we go back to the middle ages and compare it with today, any who lived then and is brought back to life will be amazed at the transformation the world as whole have undergone due to technology.

Technology can be seen playing its role in sectors like

° Financial
° Industrial
° Engineering
° Educational
° Agricultural
° Commerce
° Family life
° Health

just to mention a few. Technology have played a major role in man history even in warfare. The world in general cannot do without technology anymore. Information are gotten online real-time. People interact and see each other despite being thousands of miles away. It has made commerce very easy, and sometimes with the help of technology natural laws are bent to an extent.

So we can say that technology have simplified the way we do things and how they are done. Despite all these great benefits mentioned, it also has its disadvantages.

These points will further be discussed as we continued reading this article.



Share with us some of the positivity and negativity of technology in kids' lives.

Like I earlier mentioned, Technology have both positive and negative effect. However, we are going to concentrate on its effect on children for the purpose of this contest

Positive Effects

One of the important positive impact on children is Education. Technology have been able to make schooling and access to Educational materials very easy and handy.

We all remembered what happened during COVID-19 era. All the schools were locked down, but our children were still schooling through video conferencing and the internet. This advancement have even caused some parents to choose home schooling in some places recently.

Additionally, in those days,we need to go to
a physical library to access research books, which is normally tiresome and cumbersome. But with technology, such can be done from the comfort of our homes. No wonder such physical structures are phasing out.

Technology also reduces the amount of money spent on purchase of textbooks. Saving more money in the process by parents.

Technology helps the young to get easily acquainted with news from all around the world real time.

It also provides an easy avenue of making money by young ones through use of social media and learning about cryptos online.

Negative effects

The use of technology by children have caused serious social media addiction to our children.

It has totally eliminated communication between some children and other family members. This has caused friction in the family. The life blood of every is in communication.

Some young ones have been influenced by negative information in the internet like pornography, excessive violence, lack of value for life as is depicted there.

So many kids who always use the internet becomes antisocial in nature and very self-centered.

Due to much time spent on the internet, kids do not engage in physical exercise which is important for their physical development.

These are some of the negative impact of technology on them.


How would you rate the impact of technology in kids' life? Highly positive or negative? Explain.

I would say that whether the impact is highly positive or negative is dependent on the environment an individual finds himself. However, from my perspective, I will rate the the positivity higher than the negativity.

But this is all dependent on the control method adopted by parents on their kids with regards technology.


Can you have control over the exposure of kids to certain technological products? How?"*

For a certainty, parents can have control over their kids with respect to technological exposure.

This they can done by ensuring that the computer is kept at an open space visible to all in the house, so one can see whatever you are doing on the system.

Another way of control is by setting time limits on their use of such technology and be firm with such decision.

The computer, laptop or mobile phones used by the child, should have settings for parental guidance activated. Restricting viewing or downloading of inappropriate contents by the children.

Parents should ensure that normal family communication is maintained at all times thus making time for such. This will help the children also to control the use of these technology.



Technology is just part of life. Nearly all we do is dependent on technology. So there is need to teach and train our children on its usage. While doing so, we should adopt good parental control methods to ensure that they are not exposed to inappropriate contents.

Thank you steemkids community for organizing this beautiful contest.

I invite @madilyn02, @benson6 and @chiomzy810 to join in this contest.

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You have done very well especially the part were you sub divided the sectors technology influences. I also like the fact you highlighted it’s significant use when COVID- 19 was rampant. Thank your for sharing and good luck.

Appreciate your going thru my post. Really, technology is good. Just to shield our kids from the negative impacts of it.

Its parents responsiblity to restrict the website downloading of inappropriate things, ultimately parents can teach them the right way, you are very true, explained well

Your very correct my dear. The major responsibility lies on the parents to guide them.

I agree with you sir, Technology is life. Without Technology life will be so boring. Talking about how Technology helps in the educational sector which you made mentioning of how kids were still receiving lessons through video conferencing, to those who couldn't avoid devices that support video conferencing were also receiving thier lessons through radio which is available means of Technology to almost all home.
The control measures you have mentioned are important too, like setting of screen time, parent activating parental guidance in their kids device and maintaining effective communication channels in the family. I really appreciate the valuable information you Have shared in this post.

Thanks dear, we need it to improve our lives. Thank you for going thru my post.

Amigo me encanta tu publicación es verdad la tecnología hace parte de nuestra vida y eso es una realidad hoy en día pero debemos educar a nuestros niños y enséñale darle el uso adecuado baja la supervisión de un adulto. Saludos y exito en el concurso.🤗

Thank you my friend for going through my post. I really appreciate.

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Thank you.

Yes, you are right the biggest advantage of technology is in education. During COVID-19 it has play important role in kids life. It's up to parents that they control the exposure of technological products to kids as fixing their time to use. By checking their activities daily on internet. I think the worst part of technology is that they allow to share antisocial activities on internet through which kids are learning bad things. Thanks for sharing this great article. Best of luck. Success for you.

You are very right my dear, technology have improved our lives a lot. I know parents will be alert to these dangers as well.


As you point out, technology has come to be present in every area of ​​our lives.

It is important that parents and representatives constantly monitor the use of technological equipment by their children, getting involved in their activities, and being aware of any alerts.

You have provided us with excellent recommendations for controlling children's exposure to technological equipment.

Thank you so.much for going through my post. I sincere appreciate it. When we assists the kids, they will get the best out of it.

Wooow I really learn a lot from your post boss and thank you.
You can also check through my entry

Technology has shaped the world in different spheres of life, and this era that we are, the need to be cautious about how exposed our children are to technology.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks bro for going through my post. Really appreciate.

You are welcome

It's nice to read your post. We have all seen the benefits if technology here, it has gone a long way to provide employment, finances and many other things for us.
However there is much danger in the excessive use of it especially for children. As you have stated, measures .UST be taken and the strategies you listed in this post is very good

Thank you for going thru my post. Really appreciate.

In fact you are absolutely right that technology has become an integral part of our lives. It is very impossible for us to leave it now. So care should be taken that children learn new things by grasping the good aspects.

You are right bro. Just to exercise the need care when they are using it. Thank for going through my article.

Hola, debemos instruir a los niños como menciones, cito tus palabras, me gustó mucho la manera como lo enfocaste:

Technology can be seen playing its role in sectors like
° Financial
° Industrial
° Engineering
° Educational
° Agricultural
° Commerce
° Family life
° Health

Yea. I agree with you. You determine how much exposure your child gets when it comes to tech