Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W1: My dreams in childhood by @benton3

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Hello friends, how are we all doing? Hope great. How pleasant it is to relate with you all after through this contest.

I will be engaging in the contest held by steemkids for the week entitled Your childhood dreams.

This topic is so interesting since most of us had dreams of what will want to be or how we want our future to be as a child. Thus it is a good way of reminding us of our aspirations, where we are now and what to do to get there.


What were the dreams you had in childhood for the future?

As a child, one of my major childhood dreams was to live a comfortable life with no much hazzles. .

I also had this dream of being self employed, establishing and running my own business and not waiting till month end to receive a stipend

The next dream was that of taking care of my parents during their old age. As a young child I saw their sacrifices towards providing for me and my siblings, that impressed in my mind the desire to ensure their comfortability as they age.


Who supported you in that dreams

My parents have been the source of my support and strength in my bid to actualize my dreams. My wife too since we got married have been very supportive towards achieving my goals. I also have some older friends of mine who proved to be a moral support to me as I aspire to achieve these dreams.


Which one of those dreams have you achieved

I can say categorically that none of those dreams have been achieved. This is because, early in my life I had to work for someone and still depended on the stipend refered to as salaries with which they enslave employees making you feel you cannot survive out their on your own.

Secondly, there was no financial support coming from anyone, since my parents have done the best they can.

With the first and second dream not achieved, the third one is entirely not possible. I need to be comfortable to be able to provide such comfort for my aged parents.


Which one did you not achieve, What do you think went wrong?

Like I said earlier, none of them have been achieved. There are several factors that have led to my not achieving these dreams.

° The economic condition of the country is really bad, making it really difficult for businesses to thrive especially new businesses.

° No financial support from anyone including government supports.

° Fiscal policies eastablished by the authorities.

There are many other reasons but all cannot be mentioned here.



Dreams are good but will be much better if they are achieved. However. As far as life still exist, I will continue to push forward, expecting to make my dreams a reality

I invite @eliany, @goodybest and @benson6 to join in this contest

Thank you so much steemkids for such opportunity to express myself.

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Good to see a post from you!! (•ิ‿•ิ)
Can I tell you something, if you have to write down all the dreams you had you will for sure find one of them that came true.
Your "big" childhood dreams might not have come true but I can tell you that it is not a failure. Often it is there to steer us to bigger heights.
Whatever you do.. DON't let go of your dreams. You never know what is waiting just around the corner. 🤞

You are certainly correct my dear. There may have been some little ones that have been achieved.

However, being a 'diehard', we push on with the dreams in focus. Tomorrow will always be better. Thank you for your encouragement.

You are so right... we push on! Making the best of it. ☕


Beautiful writeup. Wonderful dreams as a child. Wish you the best in achieving it.

Yes, our parents deserve so much from us, they really sacrifice so much for us to be who we are and I pray the eat the fruit of their labor.

We will take care of them I believe.

Nice publication.

Thank you so much for going through my entry. For a fact they deserve the best. Hopefully a day will come when you give them the desired attention they require.

Your story is so pathetic and I feel saddened most especially as you couldn't full fill your three dreams due to so many reasons notably the poor economic condition of your country and the fiscal policies established by the authorities which is really bad because all this lead to low level of unemployment.

However, I'm happy both your parents, wife and your few friends have always been supporting you in life which shows that you are not abandoned by your love ones. I wish God grant all your heart desires in this life

Yes it is, but despite that there is always hope at the end of the tunnel. All we ask is more life for them and we will get to the desired destination.

You had some nice dreams. but keep in mind, tables turn and one day you might just be able to fulfill them all

You are certainly right my dear, all hopes are not lost. We will get there. Life and good health is the most important thing.

you have a wonderful dreams but just keep it in mind and never give up, keeping on pushing harder on day God will open the way of success to you.

With God, all good things are possible. All we need is.just to give Him effort to bless and surely one day, it will come to be so.

You are right, when you prayed harder, hustle harder one day the almighty God will bless you and thanks for reading.

You are welcome.


The poor economic of the country has really affected us in achieving our dreams. It is so unfortunate that none of your three childhood dreams has been achieved. I'm glad that your parents supported you in their own way even when the economic situation did not allow your dream to come true.
You have made a nice and great article I wish you success sir

Thank you for going through my article. For a certainty we will continue to push forward to greater heights.

Sure, we will sire

I feel bad after going through your story due to the economy situation that led to low unemployment but am glad your few friends support you with your family even though you'r love want abandoned you and I feel sorry about that

Thank you dear sis. It is part of life's experience. However, everything gets better by the day. Appreciate your going through my post.


Hmmm, I can relate to your mindset, I also wanted a good life, a comfortable life where I will be independent of myself, but with the economic crisis almost everything couldn't work out, especially new business, with time I hope you will be able to achieve you dreams because their is possibility s long as we breathe


Thank you for going through my post. Surely. We will get there.

You are welcome, surely we will

Even though dreams are not the same as adults, but be grateful it's the best for us. Thank you for sharing your dream. I also share a dream, if you have time I am very happy.

Thanks for going through my writeup. Appreciate.

Is this really what life is all about? Will most of our dreams not occur as fast as we want? I refuse to give up or be discouraged. I know you are doing same too.

Being a father and being able to cater for some basic needs in the family shows that you really achieved something great.