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Hello, a friend of steemkids. Hope you all are doing well. I am here again to participate in the most interesting theme of the steemit engagement challenge by Steemkids for week3 of season 3. I will invite my friends @uzma4882, @aaliarubab, and @juzkid.


The Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park (Urdu: گلشن-اقبال پارک) is a vast park and sporting space in Lahore, Pakistan. With an area of over 67 acres (0.27 km2), the park is one of the hugest in the city. It is situated in the suburban region of Allama Iqbal Town.



Exercise Area for each age group

The name Gulshan-e-Iqbal is illustrated as "the garden of Iqbal,". It refers to our national poet of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal. It has many recreational rides for kids and grown-ups making it a prominent platform for folks. It also accentuates a vast mythical lake and a mini-zoo.

Screenshot_20220802-112539.pngw3w location


This park is for adults, kids, and old age because there are indoor and outdoor games for kids. Rides and swings for kids and adults. Walking, jogging area, food area, and entrance to the park are free of cost. But you have to pay for rides and swings.



Boat Swing for kids


My nephews enjoying merry go round

You have to pay 50 PKR for each ride except for the cable car because it costs 250 PKR for each person. You can ride for 10 to 15 minutes and it has an amazing experience.



Swings view at night, Horse merry go round and merry go round

There are inflatable castles, which are free at some points but at some cost 50 PKR for each kid. You can ride 4 to 5 times but in the free area, you have to wait for your turn because many kids want to ride on it but some stay away due to their fear.



Inflatable castles for kids

There are also remote control car rides for kids, these are electric cars that are controlled by a person there through a remote and they can ride kids in 50 PKR for 5 minutes. Kids enjoy it here a lot.


My nephews taking ride on remote control car

The reason for its fame is a mini zoo, there are different types of animals and birds. Visitors click pictures with them as it's the main attraction point for animal lovers.



Mini zoo, Animals view, Peacock


There is an artificial lake in which you can take a boat ride and enjoy the cool breeze there. My nephews loved to take this ride. We click pictures there and try to visit every weekend.



Artificial lake for boat ride

There are also food areas for kids and elders too. Where we can get spicy food, ice cream, shawarma, gol gappa, burger, fries, lays, cokes, popcorn, and many more. There is a sitting area for families where they can sit and order food for themselves.


food area, enjoying ice cream

There are also trains and cars for families they can take a ride in the whole park and move from one side to another side. There are also small mountains and caves which attract visitors too.

Remote Control Car50 PKR0.86 Steem
Cable Car250 PKR4.3 Steem
Swings & Rides50 PKR0.86 Steem


This was all about my participation and our famous Gulshan Iqbal Park. I hope you all enjoy while reading my post.


All Photos are taken by my mobile phone Techno Pova

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This is so great to see that you did a wonderful review about a playing ground couple with a park where children can come there for site seen and also to discover a lot of things for themselves

Gave a wonderful review of the place. You make this place look really awesome. The place looks beautiful in every picture. I love the place. thank you

Thank you for appreciation and review. In reality it looks more beautiful.

Thank you for sharing with us. It is always such a delight to read from you. The place is a very nice and engaging spot and every kid will be willing to be there. I love the entry and how pictures are arranged. It looks like the place has everything that can make fun. I wish you well. Thank you for sharing with us. Steem on!


What a beautiful place for kids they are so much happy, your nephew are so happy while playing with remote car, overall environment is clean and healthy for kids, there seems not so much rushy. 50 pkr is normall fares as it it in range of everyone. Nice presented post.
Best of luck

Yes, it's very low price in which we can enjoy with our kids, siblings and friends. My nephew's loved to visit this park whenever they came to Lahore. Thank you for review.

Hello dear friend,

It was a sweet ride you took me through and as a visitor to this park, I so fell in love with the mini zoo, I wish you had shared more pictures of the mini zoo with different animals, and the swing ride, and the electric car are fantasies of kids and you have made your kid's brothers fantasy come to reality, and it is surprising to see that that park is as spacious as 67acres that a lot of earth occupying

Thanks for such an amazing place,

I hope I have a chance to visit this place

Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park is a site that has a wide variety of amusements for children's recreation.

We can see from mechanical attractions such as swings, to inflatable castles, and remote control cars.

It also offers passages in boats through the great mythical lake, and for lovers of anmilaes, enjoy the great variety of animal species that the mini-zoo has.

Tempat yang sangat indah, pasti sangat disukai oleh anak anak, indahnya seperti keindahan negeri pakistan, salam hangat dari indonesia

Yes, it is very liked by kids and it's most visitable area due to its beauty. Thank you . Greetings from Pakistan.

You shared variety of swings and rides on boats too. I enjoy your participation. These are all safe and enjoyable in affordable prices for family. Well presented
Best of luck for contest ☺️ Thanks for tag me I also shared my entry. 🎡💞


Very affordable cost, the park must be very beautiful in the summer?

Very affordable cost, the park must be very beautiful in the summer?

Hi, friend. What a beautiful park you have in your city.

Large green areas ideal for sports, dance and any other event that invites recreation. The Wheel of Fortune looks very bright and colorful, I really liked the photos. Animals are also a great attraction for everyone, the peacock is wonderful.

Successes and greetings from Venezuela

Parks are places where children can interact with others and engage in physical activity in a natural setting. It seems this Park includes such playing things which can enhance children’s social, mental, and physical health,the kids are looking happy.@ashkhan

Es hermoso todo lo que he visto aqui, me gusto mucho el pavo real, es como una atraccion natural, le deseo lo mejor en este concurso.

Thank you dear. Best of luck to you.

Hola disfruté mirando tu post, las atracciones para niños están muy divertidas, sobre todo la rueda, y de noche es más espectacular...