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SE Explorer is an opensource Steem-Engine sidechain explorer that runs on your browser on top of Steem-Engine API.

You may know that I run which sends 3% for cards, and 2% cashback for packs purchase in STEEM/SBD/DEC. I need to check if everything is working properly. So, spend most of my Steem time on block explorers such as (Steem) and (Steem-engine). is an excellent website for Steem-Engine related things. Sometimes for an unknown reason it doesn't load for me, sometimes it timeouts. So, I set out to create a miniature version of for me even copied the design from and 😁

Everything is pulled from Steem-Engine API and processed on your browser, it has no backend of it's own. The pages are also mobile friendly.



The homepage shows the transactions in the latest Steem-Engine block.

Block Viewer



Transaction Viewer



Account History




  • Vue JS
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS


This is still a minimum viable product, so many steem-engine operations such as NFT operations are missing, some rare account operations might be missing too. I'll add them when I see them. Please report missing operations under this post or open an issue on Github with the transaction link.

If you want to expand and add more service in it, feel free to contribute.

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Thank you, bro. :)


Glad you liked it. 😁

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Really? 😉 Thanks btw.

Yeah, very true... I have learnt something from that masterpiece

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SE Rocks also does the same for me too so I will give this a try. Is there some sort of reference so the dummies amongst us can navigate and interrogate easily or any chance you could create a pretty UI please ?
Great work as always and thank you :-)

You can check your account history here I copied the UI from and but can change in future.

I haven't written a README guide on Github for developers, would do that soon.

Thanks mate. Will go and have a play. I am clueless but I love this sort of stuff :-)

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