Vessel Steem Desktop Wallet - Release v0.3.1 - Saved Contact Feature

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Vessel Steem Desktop Wallet - Release v0.3.1 - Saved Contact Feature


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Saved Contact Feature

Vessel Release v0.3.1 comes with the ability for users to add/remove contacts to the wallet. This is the base of the coming advancements and features related to a Steem address book.

How To Use

After setting up the wallet, visit the "Settings" or "Send" page to add usernames to your saved contact list. You can add contacts on either page, but you can only remove them from your saved contact list on the "Settings" page.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 6.42.36 PM.png

Security Implications

Due to the nature of blockchain, making a typo or sending tokens to the wrong account will result in an irreversible loss of those tokens. Having the ability to save frequently used accounts in the Vessel wallet will hopefully reduce these common mistakes from typos. Of course, you should still ensure your transaction is correct before sending via the transaction preview window.

Information About This Development Proposal

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What are you next steps for this project/proposal?

Have some changes to push from this week that will improve the exchange logic for the wallet; allowing users to customize their exchanges and/or use updated defaults.

Also added the power up feature to the wallet since it was missing.

Next steps are getting ready for integrating an SMT interface into the wallet hopefully to time with the SMT launch on Steem.

Appreciate the update.

Of course! Been slacking with pushing out the update so I will be sure to get on it.