Correctly calculating post payouts in USD

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Hi all,

I was talking with @jarvie about the post payouts calculation. Currently, Steemit shows the post payout in USD, while Steempeak (and I think various other dApps) show the payouts in STEEM. The reason @jarvie cited for this is that the USD payout calculation is not accurate due to variation in the prices of STEEM and SBD (and so displaying the payout in USD would be misleading to users).

Does anyone know how Steemit currently calculates the post payout in USD? By looking at the Condenser Github repository, I found the pricePerSteem function in /condenser/src/app/utils/StateFunctions.js. But I don't know enough about how Condenser works to be able to really understand it. Also, there doesn't seem to be anything about price calculation in the documentation:

Payout amount in USD (rather than in STEEM) seems like a pretty important feature for users who aren't deeply into the Steem economics. Without a clear way to calculate post payouts in USD, a dapp like Steempeak currently prefers to display the post payout in STEEM.

Seems like a good solution for this would be pretty beneficial. Does anyone know of any? Is Steemit showing USD payouts accurately?

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Technically we don't show the price of the payout (or potential payout) in steem... but this weird thing called STU which i think tries to be USD equivalent. In the best of all worlds it'd be nice to show the Steem Token estimation for their rewards. Then maybe translate to USD equivilent or EUR or whatever currency they like.

However the point at hand is that unless the amount can be consistently proven to always be consistently representative of USD then we are unlikely to put the $ back next to the amount.

If we can prove consistency with some sort of math that can even handle wild SBD variations then that's when we start considering putting the $ back on there... otherwise you can't tell a user it's $3 unless it's actually $3 (and consistently so)

If it's already consistent then I think we just need to see the proof ... however we're a little busy working on other things to do a full scale check into the present day results.

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