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Welcome to the second segment of BEFORE. In case you have not read before, here is the link to it.
This a " Before and after series". Enjoy!!

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She is strong
As strong as a rock that has just emerged from the heavens
She stands tall in everything she does
She looks at her past self and laughs at how stupid she must have seemed.

She wishes her past self could see her now
She wishes she go back in time and undo all the wrongs that she made.
She wishes to turn back the time and erase all those moments where she looked weak.
She wishes she can just go back for a split second and look all those people in the eye so that they can know how much power she now has.

She now knows her worth
She knows that she deserves the very best
She is aware of the sleeping tiger that had for so long laid inside her quite.
It has now awoken and she refuses to let anyone disarm her,
For who will protect her if not herself?

She now knows that she is capable of giving herself the love that she so desperately wanted to get from everyone else.
Everything she needed from others,
she is now aware that she is very capable of providing those things for herself.

All it took was a few years,
A few heartbreaks,
A few soul shattering moments.
Ohhhh!! how painful those moments were
Ohhhh!! what horrible pain she felt in those dark times
Ohhhh!! how lonely those dark turnnels were.

But despite it all, she managed to pull herself through it all.
She allowed herself to cry,
She allowed herself to break,
She allowed herself to crumble,
She allowed herself to burn...
And like a finix she rose from the ashes.
She rose stronger than ever before
Stronger than she ever was,
Stronger than she ever thought she would ever be.
What a grate feeling that is.
Do you not agree?

Thanks for passing by

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