Steeming Community | Top Picks Of The Day (11-13-2021)

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Hello steemingzen, we see your tireless support, and that we are very grateful that you continue to give life to Steeming Community. So we're working on a way to continue to support your posts as much as we can.

Every day we will select five posts to be supported by the admin and all the Steeming Team. Today I will announce the "Top 5 Picks" of the day.

Top Posts Of The Day

Screenshot_20211114-111653_Samsung Internet.jpg

1. @jenniferocco | My Steemit Journey in Relation to #club5050 (11-13-21) 30% payout to @steemingcuration

Screenshot_20211114-111929_Samsung Internet.jpg

2. @jovita30 | Contest: "My Steemit Journey In Relation To #club5050" and my 60 steem power up to move to club75

Screenshot_20211114-112338_Samsung Internet.jpg

3. @leonelb | Contest: "My Steemit Journey In Relation To #club5050" by leonelb | 30% steemingcuration | #club5050

Screenshot_20211114-113213_Samsung Internet.jpg

4. @natz04 | Steeming Community Contest | My Steemit Journey in Relation to #club5050 | 50/50 Journey: @natz04

Screenshot_20211114-112623_Samsung Internet.jpg

5. @maris75 | My Steemit Journey in Relation to #club5050: Let's Grow Together on Steemit | 30% reward to @steemingcuration by @maris75


Keep creating quality content then. For now we are giving you the option on how much you will allocate for the @steemingcuration post payout reward. You can choose from 15-30%. This contribution is very important for the continuous operation of this community.

Also, we already know about the club5050 tag. So we decided to choose only those who are qualified to use this tag. Hopefully for this reason everyone will commit to increase their Steem Power for the benefit of the entire steemit community.

Summary on how to be part of the daily "Top Posts"

  • Post content must be steemexclusive as we do not select posts that are published on another blockchain.
  • Plagiarism Free, as it is strictly prohibited in the entire steemit community.
  • Must be a steemingzen and sets 15-30% post payout to @steemingcuration
  • Committed to the club5050 program of the steemit team.

Community tags

Reminding you all of the use of our "Community Tags". A post with content that fits to our community theme is our priority for the selection.

Mind/Body/Spiritual Health, anything to do with overall human healthmindbodyspirit-steeming health-steeming
Science & Technologysciencetech-steeming
Arts & Craftsarts-steeming
Finance, Cryptofinance-steeming crypto-steeming
Nature (Plants,Animals,all things in the Nature, etc)nature-steeming
Life hacks, discoveries, review, sharing on experiences that you think will benefit otherslifehack-steeming review-steeming sharing-steeming discovery-steeming
Must use tag on your post, please only publish steemexclusive content at Steeming Communitysteemexclusive steeming-community

Be part of the progress of the community and its long-term plan. Our Steeming Community manager @cryptokannon is very positive in her outlook of giving enough support to its members and be self-sustained amidst whatever happens in the future. Therefore, your support to Steeming Community is highly appreciated.

Delegate your Steem Power to @steemingcuration and be part of its growth. A delegation button is found below for easy access any time you want to.

Delegate to @steemingcuration


25 SP100 SP250 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2500 SP

Discord Channel

Mod, @fabio2614

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Thank you so much @steemingcuration! I'm so grateful to be included in top picks of the day. More power!

Thank you so much @steemingcuration am so happy. I would keep making quality content

Thank you so much @steemingcuration for including me in top picks of the day. God bless

Thank you for choosing my post! I never thought it would make it into the top of the day, that makes me very happy.

#affable #venezuela

Felicidades a los incluidos

@steemingcuration, @fabio2614,
@psicoparedes I am really shocked how things work here... I am surprised why this post was not curated and supported. It is really shocking that someone makes research and compile an assignment all in vain....
It has really made me feel less valued. Look into this issue. Closely i need a mail or message ASAP. Thanks.
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