Steeming Community Contest | Theme: "Life Hacks/DIY and Discoveries"

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Hello steemingzen, we have a new contest with the theme of "Life Hacks/DIY and Discoveries." Share with us the things you have done or discovered which will make life a little easier or anything beneficial to share. The kind when shared, people will be amazed to say, "wow, I should have done this, or "just like that? Let me try it! We are excited to hear your story which is possibly new to others or maybe better than what others already know. So what are you waiting for? Be the source of knowledge, join now!

About the contest
It encourages all steemingzen to meaningfully organize and share their life experiences into creative writings.

What are the rules?📝


A contest prize in the form of Steem Power will be given to encourage SP building among steemingzen.

1st Place: 30SP
2nd Place: 25SP
3rd Place: 20SP

+ Consolation Prize worth 25SP for 5 selected exemplary entries.

This contest runs from October 1-7, 2021

Community Theme and Tag

Reminding all steemingzen, aside from the agreed 30% post payout award, please follow the following community theme and tag in your next post to have a greater chance for a booming recommendation too.

Mind/Body/Spiritual Health, anything to do with overall human healthmindbodyspirit-steeming health-steeming
Science & Technologysciencetech-steeming
Arts & Craftsarts-steeming
Finance, Cryptofinance-steeming crypto-steeming
Nature (Plants,Animals,all things in the Nature, etc)nature-steeming
Life hacks, discoveries, review, sharing on experiences that you think will benefit otherslifehack-steeming review-steeming sharing-steeming discovery-steeming
Must use tag on your post, please only publish steemexclusive content at Steeming Communitysteemexclusive steeming-community

As always we are excited to hear from you! Let’s make the Steeming Community more lively and fun. Show us your support by participating in all contests initiated by moderators in this community. Be part of its continuous growth by delegating your steem power to @steemingcuration.

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25 SP100 SP250 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2500 SP

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This contest is initiated by one of the Steeming Team,

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something interesting mam fabio. Let me try to think of something useful and worth sharing...

go friend, am so excited to hear from you🙂






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@disconnect thank you so much for the support🙂

No problem @fabio2614 :)

Está actividad me gustó mucho. Y por acá les dejo mi participación 🤗🤗🤗


Muchas gracias amiga, bendiciones.

Amiga creo que no verificarse mi entrada hace unos días al concurso. Ya me lo revisaste pero ví que a las otras participaciones ya les colocaste el número de entrada aquí en los comentarios. Podrías revisar por fa @fabio2614



Hello ma'am @fabio2614,I really want to participate in this contest, can I share a life experience and lesson I grabbed from it or just it be a a skill I know how to do???

this time contest is "how you do it"... like that of imparting your skill my friend🙂