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Hello my fellow steemians, how you doing today?, I believe you all are doing great.

Today I will love to share with you on "Mangoes and it s nutritional benefits to our body".

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Mangoes are one of the most popular nutritional fruits in the world. It is even called the "King of fruits' " in some part of the world. Mangoes have a fleshly exterior that encloses a seed in the middle.

They are sweet, juicy, and have great nutritional values. Aside from being one of the major sources of carbohydrates, mangoes contain a good range of vitamins and minerals.

Their anti-oxidant compound helps to prevent cancer properties in cancer patients. More so, their collagens content helps slow down aging process.

Mangoes contain copper which helps in the production of blood vessels. Whether it is the fruit or the leaves, mangoes are good regulators of diabetes; they prevent anaemia and strengthen the human immune system.

Additionally, eating enough mango can help keep your eyes healthy because they contain vitamin A. They also increase alkalinity of the body, and reduces pimples and clear clogged pores in the skin.

Mangoes 🥭 fight infection because they contain vitamin B6, C, and E. Potassium in mangoes helps in maintaining heart health, thereby preventing hypertension. Mangoes contain a large amount of fibre, protein, and vitamin C; all of which helps in lowering cholesterol level in the body.

Begin to add mangoes to your daily meal from today when you see the opportunity.

Thanks for reading my post, God bless you!!!

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