"My Bull Coin of the Week: The Genopets"

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Genopets is the first NFT Move-to-Earn game in the world where players are rewarded for staying active in the game.


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Over the past few months, we have seen the rise of Play-to-Earn games, such as Axie Infinity, as people seek out more revenue streams in these uncertain times.

But Move-to-Earn puts a different spin on this concept by combining phones/outfits to turn real-world moves into in-game prizes.

Game of the Genopets


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The Genopets game is running on the Solana blockchain, Genopets incorporates the idea of developing your own Genopet, a digital NFT character, to grow a level.

By connecting to your mobile phone or device, users are rewarded for participating in physical activity. These build up like the $ KI token prizes, which help in transforming your pet, alchemize crystals, produce new habitats, in battle.

Engineers say it borrows features of the Tamagotchi game of the 90s, in which players had to take care of their key pet, with "training and fighting" Pokemon.

"Genopet combines the development and evolution of Tamagotchi with the training and combat of Pokemon in mini-puzzle games."

In Genopets, players can explore Genoverse, unlock amazing landscapes, art objects, and face other players in battle.

What are game mechanics?


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Your phone/wearable data enhances your Genopet NFT by building XP to make in-game progress.

Instead of the usual sedentary experience of the game, more active users will see their Genopet NFTs grow faster, increase their value for money and statistics, and provide benefits during battles.

The $ GENE token, which forms the basis of NFT ownership, is free to use. Unlike the Axie Infinity, which requires the purchase of three characters, where their value has exceeded hundreds of dollars following its rise in popularity over the past few months. At the same time, the $ KI token is an in-game prize available to players.

Genopet life or condition is measured by XP; the more the user works, the higher the XP. The other part of the game comes in the form of Gene Crystals that affects the appearance of your pet. For example, fire crystals that infect a pet by attacking the fire move and change its appearance.

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