Electronic Arts: Simple Overview

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Electronic Arts (EA) is a well-known game company. For decades, they've had a significant effect on the video game industry. Their video game sales are expanding all the time. They are the creators of the most popular video games in the world, such as FIFA, Need For Speed, Madden NFL, and SIMS.



Electronic Arts (EA) was created by Trip Hawkings in 1982. Hawkings' firm was originally called Amazin Software, but in 1983 it was changed to electronic art. He was a gifted individual on a personal level. He earned his MBA at Stanford University after graduating from Harvard University.


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He was one of the top 50 employees at Apple. He took the initiative to create his own firm after four years at Apple. His thoughts had always been on video games, and he believed that every video game was a work of art created by a creator! That is why he later changed the company's name.

It acquired $5 million from some unknown investors within a year of its founding. That marks the start of the electronic arts' true journey. They launched a variety of video games in 1983, the most popular of which was the basketball game.

It's worth noting that the inspiration for these games originated from outside the corporation. The success of the games was mostly due to the cover design and the inclusion of sports figures in video games. In the late eighties, they reached the pinnacle of the video game industry.

However, consoles were rising in popularity at the time, and the Nintendo was the most popular system. EA agreed to a requirement when they sought to make a contract with Nintendo. Electronic Arts should exclusively sell video games via them, they argued. However, EA refused to accept this stipulation and began developing games for the Sega Genesis, which had just been launched. This was a crucial decision for them to make.

However, both corporations benefited from this move. In 1992, console games outsold PC games for the first time. Their dividend from this industry eventually amounted to almost $300 million. They had a good reputation in the video game business until 1994.


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