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After shopping at the supermarkets, he stood in line. One by one he is handing over the things he bought at the counter. The shopkeeper at the counter is holding the scanner on your products. A word ‘beep’ as soon as it is pressed on the packet of chips. At the same time, all the information floated on the screen on the monitor of the next computer. As the computer is making your receipt about any product, how much price, how much VAT, the super shop is also keeping the quantity of product updated.

This barcode scanner is now being used in most super shops in the country and abroad. These scanners can easily retrieve product information even if the barcodes are slightly torn, cracked, or twisted. Although the barcode scanners work differently, the technology behind them is almost the same.

Barcode scanners work in three steps. Illumination systems, sensors, and decoders. The light from a particular source is cast on top of the barcode. From where the light is reflected back to the scanner and the sensor can sense them.

Laser scanners emit a special level of the light beam. Which are reflected from the barcode and then go to the barcode again with the help of the mirror. This is why a flash of light is created as soon as the scanner is caught. Then the light from the empty space in the barcode of the product falls into another mirror. From where the sensor can generate the necessary digital and analog information. Which is then added to the computer's automated database.


Barcode scanner

Universal Product Code (UPC) type barcodes are the most widely used in the world. This barcode of 95 columns in black and white is the safest. When this barcode is scanned in the scanner, the computer creates 95 numbers in 15 sections separately. At first, at the end and in the middle some groups are placed so that the computer can understand whether the barcode has been read on the scanner from left to right or from top to bottom.

The number to the far left of the barcode indicates its type. The 5 numbers in the first set reveal the product number of the product. And the 5 numbers of the second set reveal the marketing number of the product. The last number on the right indicates 'check digit'. So that the computer realizes that the scanner has read the barcode correctly.

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