The untimely death of a genius: Nicola Tesla.

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3rd April 2021

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Even in this civilized society, there is no shortage of people to cut their own noses and make others travel. Those who are the leaders of the society are also in this group. That's what scientists say! Tao is not a scientist. In the pages of history, those whose names have been printed in gold letters, who have elevated themselves to another height by virtue of their deeds, whose contribution to human civilization has been cherished, the world-renowned scientists have beaten even the crooked people in deception and meanness. The life of another famous scientist Nikola Tesla came down to hell due to the cunning of the famous American inventor Thomas Alva Edison.

18 years. Manhattan in the United States. Countless people have gathered at the corner of the road. To see the joke. Ordinary people, journalists are also in the crowd. The joke will be shown by Thomas Alva Edison, the famous American inventor, whom people literally think of as the 'Light Man', who recently invented the electric lamp to clear the way for the removal of darkness from the face of the earth. He tied up a dog at a street corner. That is the scapegoat for now. Edison wrapped an electric wire in the dog's village. Then he gave the power connection to that wire. The dog trembled with shock. Its body was twisted. With painful screams. In fact, this horror of electricity was what Edison wanted to show to journalists and the general public. Its purpose, however, is not public awareness or public welfare, but the despicable panditas to subdue all opponents for their own self-interest.

Kindergarten children are now aware of the shocking effects of electric shock. But before Edison's mischief, ordinary people didn't know about it. Edison himself worked with electricity, inventing the electric lamp. But that electricity was DC or direct current. Drycells used in mobiles, radios, torches are all DC current. These can be used to run small devices. The electricity we use in our daily work, from factories to home TVs, refrigerators, electric fans, electric lights, these are actually AC or alternating current. Edison's business was with DC current. He did not know the news of AC current. But a young genius from Serbia, named Nikola Tesla, understood the greatness of AC Current. Understood that the next world will be ruled by his invented AC current. That's when Edison's feud with Tesla began.


Then Tesla worked for Edison's company. Edison is the father of electric lights. But that lamp was not very effective. Edison told him, "If you could make an electric lamp that could run on a high-quality DC generator, you would get a 50,000 reward." Tesla was forever a poor man. He was intoxicated with creation, he did not have the intellect on how to earn money. I had to live a life of extreme poverty. Edison's ৫০ 50,000 pledge inspired him to see the hope of a new life. By working hard he really built an effective electric lamp model. Show Edison. Edison began to use it. But he has no hold on promises. Tesla reminded him of that. Edison laughed and said, "You don't understand the jokes of the Americans. Edison just increased Tesla's weekly salary by 10 to 8 18 to 28.

Tesla quit his job in anger, sadness, anger and pride. Very shocked. Try to set up a company yourself. I want money for this! Creates and patents new things to raise money. Fame spread all around. His success was noticed by the officials of the American Institute of Engineers. Tesla was called to give a lecture there. There he met Edison's main rival, George Westinghouse. He spoke to Tesla and offered a job at his own company. What better opportunity could there be than to seize Edison?

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Drawing of AC Dynamo machine invented by TeslaSource

The two studied AC power together. The triumph of AC power was moving forward. That became a threat to Edison. Edison realized that his DC current would not last long, and that Tesla's AC current would dominate human society. So in order to survive in the market, people have to be misunderstood. If the horrors of AC current can be shown in public, if the media spreads the news, then maybe Tesla can be stopped. So he arranged to kill the dog with AC current.

Edison's actions were able to mislead people. Tesla embarked on a huge project. But investors shut down that project in the middle. Tesla became a beggar again. Yet he could not be suppressed. He is the father of about one thousand scientific inventions, big and small. But most of the rights are stolen and patents are written in the name of others. Tesla remained poor and Brahmin all his life. He is also one of the inventors of X-ray, radio. But no one will believe this now. His life was like incense. He has burned himself and spread fragrance, he has lit the light on the earth, but scientific history has not remembered him.

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