Contest : Travel Review | Week 1

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Hello, everyone. This is the second week of the travel review contest.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

If you don't travel, many things will remain unknown. Many of us like to travel. Again, despite the desires of many of us, we cannot travel due to work or physical difficulties or money. But the desire to explore this world never stops. We run anywhere to know the world with indomitable courage. As soon as we realize the monotony of our lives, we dive into the depths of the earth to know the unknown, to enjoy the beauty hidden in the depths of the earth. And today's contest is about travel. You need to "write a review about a travel place you have visited".

Rules -

  • Your post must be original.

  • Anyone can participate. Just you have to post in the "steem-bangladesh" community.

  • Write at least 300 words.

  • You can write in any language.

  • Write the details about the place. For example, how to go to the travel place you have visited, is there any good hotel there, what kind of food is available there, what is famous there, how much can it cost to go there. (Be creative)

  • must include 1st tag #bd-travel, 2nd tag #steemexclusive and 3rd tag #yourcountryname

  • Add copyright-free images. If you add an original image or selfie that will add more value to your post.

  • Add location (Plus code/what3words).

  • Put your post link in the comment section.

  • Everyone has to pay 30% beneficiaries in @hive-138339 account

This contest will run till December 2. Winners will be announced on December 9.


10 steem in the prize pool.

  • 1st place - 4 steem
  • 2nd place - 3 steem
  • 3rd place - 2 steem
  • 4th place - 1 steem

Thank you

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It's a nice contest. I will try to participate in this contest.

অনেক সুন্দর একটি কনটেস্টের আয়োজন করেছেন। অবশ্যই অংশগ্রহণ করার চেষ্টা করবো।

This is a very good competition. Travel lovers will get a better chance here.
Thanks to our Steem-bangladesh.
To organize such a beautiful competition.

nice contest

wow nice post.I will try to participate...

Nice contest.I will try to take part in the competition

ভ্রমন নিয়ে খবু সুন্দর একটি প্রতিযোগিতা করার ব্যবস্থা করে দিয়েছেন। আমি ও প্রতিযোগিতার খাতায় নাম লেখার চেষ্টা করব ইনশাআল্লাহ।

নিঃসন্দেহে এটি একটি খুবই ভালো প্রতিযোগিতা।ইনশাআল্লাহ অংশ নেয়ার চেষ্টা করবো

খুবই ভালো একটি প্রতিযোগীতা। ইনশাআল্লাহ অংশ গ্রহণ করার চেষ্টা করবো।