Steem-Bangladesh Contest : Diary Game/10 Pics/Betterlife

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Hello Everyone,

As you know we announced some changes in top post selection. We added 3 topics, Diary Game/10 Pics/Betterlife. So we are going to start from today. You can post any one from these three topics. We will select top 10 posts from this topic. Hope everyone will do their best.


Diary Game/10 Pics/Betterlife


  • You have to comment your post link in this post.

  • For Diary Game and Betterlife post minimum 300 words required.

  • For 10 Pics post make a post with up to 10 photos that you have taken of any place, building or location from your area with location.

  • For 10 Pics post the photographs don't need to be of famous buildings or tourist locations. They can be of anything - shops, streets, factories, parks, factories, temples, cinemas, schools...

  • In case of 10 Pics post if you want to include a few words of added description that is fine.

  • Every photograph must have a caption to say what and where it is.

  • Each photograph must be geo-located using either Google Plus Codes or What3Words, or ideally both.

  • Post must be original.

  • Must post before 9.15 PM on 5th November. Posting after 9.15 PM will not be granted

  • Everyone has to pay 18% beneficiaries in @steem-bangladesh community account and 2% beneficiaries @bd-charity account

You have to use these tags

Diarygame#thediarygame; #betterlife; #steemexclusive and #steem-bangladesh
10 Pics#mytown10pics; #steemexclusive and #steem-bangladesh
Betterlife#betterlife; #steemexclusive and #steem-bangladesh


1-101 steem (1×10)=10

The rest of the accounts will be voted on the @steem-bangladesh community account

Post Courtesy : @sobuj28



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