The Diary Game ||By @ripon99||21 Decembber 2021||

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The Diary Game

20 December 2021

Assalamualaikum Everyone

This is @ripon999 from Bangladesh

  • Hope Everyone is well.
  • I am also well by the grace of Allah.
  • Today I have chosen "The Diary Game" among the three contest at 'MyTown In Ten Pictures','Better Life','The Diary Game' by Settem-Bangladeah community.
  • So Let's get Started.


When I wake up in the morning, I lie in bed for a while and after lying down for a while, I use Facebook on my mobile. After using Facebook for a while, I log in to my steemit account and check the notification.Then I go to the washroom and wash my hands and face on the dental table.After a light breakfast I sat down to read a book.



In the noon I took a bath, ate lunch and went to bed to rest for a while.After taking a rest in bed, I watched a video on YouTube for a while and turned on Facebook.Just then I thought I had a new movie on my phone called "Pushpa"which I started watching.


Movie Name: Pushpa


After watching the movie, I went out in the afternoon to go for a walk.After a while I went to my favorite place Canal Bridge.After sitting there for a while, I enjoyed the afternoon weather.Then I went to the bus terminal.



In the evening I washed my hands and face when I came home and had a light snack.Around 7 pm I went to Parbatipur to watch PPL, a big cricket event in Parbatipur and saw two matches there.After watching the game there, I came home at around 11 pm, came home, washed my hands and face, ate fresh food and fell asleep.


Best regards @ripon999

♥Thanks To All♥

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Good photography.