Better life 🌸 The diary game: season 3 🌸A Simple day|| 20 October 2021

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This is @rashesd05 from 🇧🇩bangladesh

  • Today's Wednesday
    20 October,2021

  • Assalamualaikum, Today I am going to present my daily diary to you. Today I had a very simple day. Let's start my diary: -

  • 🏣 MY DEAR POST 🏣

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    🌺 Flower photography🌺

    I woke up this morning and saw that my mother had a fever. I bought medicine for her from the market and gave it to her to eat. I brought the bread to eat again and gave it to them to eat. I didn't think he was at home and the sky was not good again. So I did the housework myself.

    Then I cooked khichuri myself. I could not make any base again. I ate khichuri and put rice in the oven. Then I boiled the potatoes and mashed the potatoes. It was raining outside and I made them inside and my sister.

    Then I called my mother to give her water. But no water was given. I went out to eat rice as if it didn't feel good at home. I am watching the fish die with a spear on the bank of the pond.


    🌥️Rain water has accumulated on the leaves of paddy trees⛅

    Then I came home from there. Then I took a bath. Then I ate and drank. Then it was raining again so I was watching the drama on my mobile phone inside the house.

    Once I fell asleep, I woke up at about three o'clock and got fresh. Then Archie went out and sat on top of Tong Ge and saw a tick on his mobile. It was raining heavily at that time and I came back home. It took a long time to come home and talk to a group of college friends.

    📷 Afran Nisho & Tanjin Tisha Nāṭok HELLO শুনছেন 📷

    Then I got up and left and stayed at our village market. I went to the market and had breakfast and came home. Then I watched the game on TV.but I watched Mobile Nāṭok Afran Nisho & Tanjin Tisha Nāṭok HELLO শুনছেন .

    Then I was lying down and watching the drama on my mobile. I fell asleep for a while while watching the drama.

    I'm finishing here today. I'll come. You'll like my whole day's story. Everyone will be fine and healthy.

    Thanks all steem friend

    Best regards-

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