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Today Bengali 03Magh month 1428 and English 17 th january 2022 every Monday.

Hello💗 friends


How are all the friends of Steam Bangladesh? I hope you all are well. I'm fine too. However, as the incidence of winter is a little higher, it is getting a little colder. So after coming from the office, I am not leaving the house much. I spend most of my time at home. In the meantime, I am sharing my diary with you. I hope you like it.



When having a light breakfast in the morning.

I wake up at 5:30 in the morning like every day. Then I do fresh ablution. I perform ablution and go to the mosque to offer prayers. I prayed and came home. I come home and have a light breakfast. After breakfast he went to the office with his bike. I enter the office and sit for a while. After that I started working. I have tea in the office canteen around ten in the morning. Then I started working till noon.



Ticketing time at the station at noon.

The office is closed at noon. Then I come home. I don't come home and take a bath. After taking a bath I go to the station to buy a train ticket. After standing for a while to buy a train ticket, I fell down and saw that there was no train ticket. I came home later. I came home, had lunch and went to the office. He went to the office and called for Zohar. When Azan is called, I perform ablution and pray in the mosque. I start working after praying. Work until 3:45. Then the Asr prayers are read. After the Asr prayers, I drink some tea. After drinking tea, I work like this till the afternoon.



When walking around the station in the evening.

When the office is closed in the afternoon, I come home. I came home and put the bike in the room. Then Maghrib Azan is called. When Maghrib Azan is called, I go to perform ablution and pray in the mosque. After praying, I went to the station. After walking for a while, I ate fried food. After that, I looked around the clothes market.



At dinner time.

When Esha's Azan, I do aju quickly. Then I went to the mosque to pray. I prayed and came home. It is cold in winter so I come home. Let's quickly write a diary for the whole day. After that I don't have dinner with fish. Then I play ludu. Let's go to sleep. When I go to sleep, I watch a movie on YouTube for a while. Then I enter the Steam Bangladesh site and make comments and reply to the comments. Then I fall asleep.This was my diary all day today. I hope everyone will like it. Thanks everyone for reading this post. Everyone will be fine, stay healthy, use Max.


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