#club5050 | 65.074 Steem Power Up | 29.05.2022 | @ranarahman

in hive-138339 •  3 months ago 


hello how are you all, I hope you are all in good health always, and have a nice day, as usual on this occasion I want to share a post with all of my friends, and for my post this time about the power ups I made do today. well if we talk about power ups, of course power ups are very important for account growth in the future, besides that we can also help delegate the steem power we have, to help a community, and I always routinely do power ups every week,






So those are some of my steps when doing power ups and today I did power ups of 65.074 steem, and my overall steem is now 1242.671 steem


This is a list of my last two month's power up numbers.( #club5050 )

My power up post this time and hopefully I can do a power up in the future, thank you so much all.

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