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Dear brothers and sisters, how are you all? I hope you are all well by the infinite grace of God. I am also good by the grace of God. Today I am going to participate in a competition on technology. I hope everyone will like it inshaAllah.


A fan is a powered machine that is used to create air flow. A fan has a rotating arrangement of vans or blades, usually made of wood, plastic or metal, which works in the air. The rotating assembly of blades and hubs is known as an impeller, rotor or runner. Typically, it is in any type of housing or field.

The electric fan was invented by the American scientist Schuyler Skaats Wheeler. He invented the electric fan in 1882 at the age of only 22.

In the unbearable heat of summer afternoon or night, the thing that gives us peace of mind is the fan or electric fan. Thanks to electricity, we got modern fans instead of hand fans.

Got many types of fans including ceiling fan, table fan, wall fan. This fan is the only recourse of the middle class to survive the heat.


Let me first give a light description of the fan. The round part in the middle of it is called motor. This is the most effective part of the fan. It can rotate continuously with the help of electricity. But just turning it will not wind, it needs a blade. Don't be afraid to name the blade, it's not so sharp. The fan has one to six blades depending on the type. We usually see more fans with three to four blades. Another part is the rod. This helps to hang the fan from the ceiling.

At first its motor starts spinning through electricity. As the motor rotates, so do the blades. Now talking, why does the wind come? Does the fan make air? Where does the air come from? No, the fan can't make air at all. As you may know, the whole world is full of air, so we are alive. So, your house is full of air too. The fan just flutters the wind with its wings. The still air begins to move, and we feel the wind. There are several types of fans in the world. The most popular is the ceiling fan. There is also a table fan. It is quite easy to carry. You know the thing, there is nothing new to know. The main difference of ceiling fan is its size. And it does not need to be hung on the roof, it can be placed on the table or on the sock to breathe air. And the ceiling fan has a regulator, with which the rotation speed of the fan can be easily controlled. On the other hand, the table fan has a switch which can be used to reduce the speed of the fan, so that the air can be kept under control.


Many thanks to all the admins, moderators and all the brothers and sisters of the Steam-Bangladesh community.



I am inviting two people on my behalf @Elaine74 @Archer..

thanks all.

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