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Hello Beautiful People,

Hope you are doing well in this pandemic situation. I am participating in the diary game contest organized by @steem-bangladesh.

Today is Thursday. It's a normal working day for me. But every day is different. Every day we face a new day with some new situations. I am sharing my today's diary with you. Hope you will like it.


Today I wake up at 7:45 AM which is my normal time. Then I freshen up myself. After that, I turn on my computers and then give my attendance to the office. When my office started I checked all my to-do lists and prepared my plan for the day.


At 9:30 AM I took my morning tea break and asked my mother for my breakfast. Mother served me bread and egg with dal. After having my breakfast I get back to my desk and start my work again.


At 1:00 PM I took my lunch break. Then I took my shower and say my prayer. After that, I took my lunch with small fish fry, dal, and salad. After having my lunch I took some rest and checked steemit and social media notifications. At 2:30 PM I get back to my work.


At 5:00 PM I finished my work and logged out of the office. Then I said my Asar prayer after some time I also attend my Magribh Prayer. During this winter season actually, we don't get much time in the afternoon that's why I can not do any kind of extra activities.


In the evening I went out and had a ride by bike. I went to Habra hat and had tea there. This tea is really awesome. Then I walked around the Hat and visited several shops.


I came back home at 8:00 PM and freshen up myself. Then I started to check different posts on Steemit. After that, I watched a tutorial about the Oracle Java Certification course on Udemy.

After watching some videos I started to write down my diary.

That's how was my day. Nothing special but still I loved it.

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আপনার দিনটি অনেক সুন্দরভাবে কাটিয়েছেন ভাই। আপনার তোলা ফটোগ্রাফি অনেক ভালো হইছে।

thanks a lot

Planting it is very beautiful blooming in the morning, I am more calm now, what is the name of the flower I see growing there

actually, I don't know the exact name. They are called kochuri in my area

হাবড়া হাটের চা সেই। তোরা খুবে চা খাওসেন বা to borolok manush

have a nice day


Aha habrar boost cha.😛

আপনার ডাইরি গেমটি পড়ে অনেক ভালো লাগলো।কচুরিপানার ছবিটি দেখে খুব ভালো লাগলো

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