Steemit Engagement Challenge - application from Steem-Bangladesh

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Hello Steam Bangladesh Family. I hope you are all well. Today we are very happy to welcome you to our community and to submit an entry to the competition. We will share the achievements of our community with you. Hope you enjoy it.

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We are continuing our efforts to bring a Big population of Bangladesh under this platform.

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In the @steem-bangladesh community, we help our countrymen who are new Steem users or currently have a lot of foreign Steemians in various ways. Especially if there is any mistake in writing in their posts. We help them a lot by posting them correctly. To know better about different things, we talk about discs and provide information about them.

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The community was created in 2020 by active author @toufiq777.

Since then there have been many competitions including, For example, technology, science, photography, writing, diary games, art, music, food review, travel, fitness, health and many more are written here.

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The community is made up of people from the same countries:


Community account curator is managed by founder @sohanurrahman. Other admins or moderators have keys.

The account is growing steadily, now having a strength of just under 20000 SP, with 41 delegates in total.

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All posts in this community find their commenters and are maintained from the curator's account. Community moderators always check to see which of the comments are missing and make sure to reply to the author of the post. This is how all the writers became visible in the community.

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Helping different writers in this community improve the quality of their posts. And first, we report any theft to our authors in private messages. And let us know about the violation of the rules of the platform. The number two issue is that to post in our community, you must write at least two photos and one and a half to two hundred words. We keep in touch with community writers and try to resolve issues in a friendly way with them through personal messages. We encourage our community members to make good comments on other's post. Currently we organized a comment contest to attract the attention of the users of our community. Hope it will be a promising engagement for the platform. We have active authors who are in great need of support.

  • Our Discord contact
Rana Rahman(meraz01)#3586

  • Telegram

Thank you @steemitblog for organising the competition

Our Discord Link

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খুবই ভালো একটি বিষয়।আশা করি সবাই কমেন্ট করবেন।

Steem/SBD doller sell korle inbox. 01887107866 ডলার বিক্রি করলে যোগাযোগ করেন ধন্যবাদ.💖

@steemblog অসাধারণ একটা কনটেস্ট দিয়েছে। যার কারনে এখন প্রতিটা কমিউনিটি আরো ভালোভাবে ও নিপুনতার সহিত কাজ করতেছে। আশা করি আমরাও ভালো কিছু করবো।

কমিউনিটির মান বজায় রাখার জন্য @steemitblog ভালো একটা উদ্যোগ নিয়েছে। আপভোট ও কমেন্ট করা আমাদের সকলের করা আবশ্যক।

This is a good initiative of @Steemblog. All of us should upvote and comment on this post.

It's a good initiative from @steemitblog. We will try our best to make good comments, it will also help a user to publish good content. Thank you @steemitblog.

First of all thanks to @steemitblog for organizing such a beautiful contest. @ Steem-bangladesh Community is a community that represents our country. All the admins and moderators in the community are very friendly and they help newcomer users a lot. After all, it's a beautiful community.

এটা একটা ভালো উদ্যোগ @steemitblog এর। আমাদের সকলেরই পোস্টে কমেন্ট করা উচিত।

I think this is a good opportunity from @steamitblog. This will allow our community to enjoy something better. Thanks to steemitblog for hosting such a beautiful contest. I believe that @steem-bangladesh community deserves to be the winner in this contest, thank you.

Many thanks to @Steemblog for taking such a beautiful initiative. Every community is doing well now. In that respect, our community is not backward. Our community is doing very well now and our moderators are cooperating a lot. Hopefully we will give a lot more good work gifts in the future.

@steemitblog ভালো একটা উদ্যোগ নিয়েছে। খুবই ভালো একটি বিষয়।আশা করি সবাই কমেন্ট করবেন ।

এটা স্টিমটের সব সম্প্রদায়েরর জন্য ভালো একটি চ্যালেঞ্জ। আশা করি আমাদের কমিউনিটিও চ্যালেঞ্জে ভালো করবে।

Wow it's an amazing idea & thankful to @steemitblog for organizing such a beautiful contest.All of us should upvote and comment on every post.This will make the community more beautiful.Best wishes for everyone.

Thanks @steemitblog for arranging such a good contest. We all will try our best for @steembangladesh community.

@steemitblog ভালো ও সুন্দর একটি উদ্যোগ নিয়েছে। এর ফলে প্রতিটি কমিউনিটির নিয়ম-নীতির মধ্যে কমেন্ট আর আপভোট করা আবশ্যক।