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The story of my life

Hello friends am Nathaniel by name,am so happy to write in this contest organized by @abuahmad what a great opportunity.i' m greatful.

I was born into the family of Mr/Mrs Daniel Etim. Am from akwa ibom state Nigeria, according to my mother,I lost my father when I was seven days old, life was not easy with my mother and I and three of my sister's and my brother,we are five in number.when I grow up I attended primary in my village.after the first school they was no money to Forder my my education,

that was when a friend of mine told me about fishing 🎣, since they was no option I joined him,we normally paddle board from Nigeria to camaroon, the journey normally took us hours.i did that for more than three years,after that i moved to Lagos state Nigeria to experience another world 🌍🌎. when I was in Lagos state that's when I know that life is in stages.becaouse life was not going the way I was told.but for all this I don't give up in life because I believe that one day I would make Lagos I was facing so many challenge in the street of Lagos because of the Hocking business I was doing, taxe foce arested me and I spend a night in the their station.but I thank God to day that the story is not the same again.higher this is another opportunity with steemit,am so happy glory be to God of heaven.


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Thank God Almighty that thing has been changed

Thanks sister, with God all things are possible

You are right dear

Thank God Almighty that things has finally improved in your life