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Assalamu alicum

Hello friends, I hope everyone is well. I'm much better. I want to take part in the daily diary game competition organized by @steam-bangladesh. Let's get started ...
How I spent my day all day yesterday ...



A fresh at morning

Alhamdulillah, I woke up this morning and the cake was very wet in the morning. It has been very foggy for some time in the morning, so after waking up, I got on the bus with some good people. At the end, it looks very beautiful. After waking up in the morning, I go outside and take a short walk. Then I felt very bad and after that I came back to my house and when I came back I told my mother to give me breakfast. Breakfast makes ready bread and pudding. Then there are some assignments to eat and drink. Then let's study.


At noon I was a little busy I went to my grandmother's house. You know the first language, cousin came. Talk to them for a while. After talking to them for a while, I share my daily studies with them again. They make me more interested in studying. He picked them up and arranged a meal with them after finishing their studies. Mom then I bathed my cousin. He sat down to eat and drink. After eating and drinking, he offered the Johar prayers.


In the afternoon, my classmates and I went out for sports. Football is the best sport to play. It takes me back to my home playing football. Well after coming back home.


Screenshot (81).png

I had a screenshot on my laptop while watching the natok on YouTube

Went out a little at night. With friends to chat. Then there is a lot of conversation. At night we eat hotpati. After eating and drinking with some such friends, some of my friends and I left for home. After coming home, I came back fresh and told my mother. She then gave me food to eat and drink. There was chicken meat and then after all this I went back to my room. I go to the room and do my work on the internet for a while. Then I fell asleep in my bed again.

Your best regards


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