Contest: Write a Short Story Taken From Your Life | Childhood Edition by @banty1 06/11/21

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First of all, I would like to thank @Ahmad brother for organizing such a beautiful contest. I will now share some biographies of my childhood. I hope you all like it.


childhood pic not my

I do that today. The incident that will be shared is an incident of my childhood. I grew up with my friends since childhood. Because both my father and mother worked in the government. They couldn't inquire about me at such a young age because they were in the office all the time. So once my father brought me to school. There was talk of my mother picking me up from school during the holidays, but my mother forgot that day that I should be picked up from school today. Then I dropped out of school after school holidays. But there was no news of Ammar's arrival. Taking advantage of the situation, a boy grabbed me and took me away. Just then my uncle came and appeared. My uncle was near that school. He recognized me from a distance. Then he ran and saved me from the boys. Just then I survived.
It was my Memorial event for my life. I do not forget it.

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It's a good thing they were able to rescue you from those kids, thank God that as a child you don't measure the consequences.


It was a pleasure to visit you, greetings and blessings.