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Assalamu alicum

Hello friends, I hope everyone is well. I'm much better. I want to take part in the daily diary game competition organized by @steam-bangladesh. Let's get started ...
How I spent my day all day yesterday ...



A fresh at morning

I woke up very early this morning. After waking up, I would go to the roof of my house and see the picture of sunrise. Very much this time then I have some time to watch the sunrise from there. It is a pleasure to watch the sunrise. Because no one stays very early in the morning. It feels very good when the sun is in the sky. So I woke up a little earlier. When I wake up to watch the sunrise. Then I saw a little fog. Then I feel very good after watching the sun rise through the fog. Then I went to my room. I went to the room and had breakfast and went out to have breakfast. I had breakfast in the morning and then ate parota. Then I feel very good.



At noon I will do my work like that. Because it was raining today. Which is why I sit in my room to enjoy the beauty of the outside. I sat down and I liked the sound of rain. At noon I was getting very sleepy hearing the sound that I was enjoying that way then I fell asleep for a while. I woke up and took a bath. I took a bath and prayed. After the prayers, I ate and drank. After eating and drinking, I sat down to eat for one of my daily tasks.


Then I started after a while. In the afternoon I took a picture of some flowers in a flower garden. The pictures were very good. Which is why I like the picture again and again. Then I see a lot of flowers. I like these flowers very much. I like the pictures of golden flowers in the afternoon. For me then I save those pictures on my mobile. And after a while I also edit them. This photography has become an addiction for me. I took pictures and saved them on my phone again and all this time.



fresh orange in the market shop

At night I went out a little to buy oranges. Then I will take them to my grandmother's house. So I go to the store now. At first I saw an uncle sitting there. I took the orange and then I told him how much he had cut. He said 200 rupees less than 2 kg. And I brought them aside and then my mother will go home tomorrow. I gave it to my mother. After eating and drinking in the morning, I went to my room. There I started working on the internet. Then I went to sleep. Then I fell asleep. That's how I ended my day.

Your best regards


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