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Hi Everyone Hope all are fine.I'm fine also. Steem-bangladesh community has give a nwe topic on "Your Aim In Life". So today i'm Going to tell About my aim in life.

aim in life

From our child hood we wanted to do something extra ordinary. I'm also among them. I can barely remember in every promotions of classes my dream or aim got changed. If I want to be a doctor in 6th standard in class 7 I want to be an engineer. After two year in class 10 I want to be an army person. So dreams vary to class to class or year to year.
Now I’m adult I can take step on my thoughts. Finally I made my decision. I want to be a Textile Engineer. After completing my H.S.C i admited into Daffodils International University Department of Textile. From There I have to complete my B.S.c. Then I will be an Textile Engineer.


Question can be asked by some person why I want to do that so?

My answer will be quite simple. So I’m going to describe that.

Surety of Job

No No No. In our country nothing is sure. Hence in this department I have some advantage. China is first of garments sector. Bangladesh stands second. A cold competition are going on Vietnam and Bangladesh to take the second position. But luckily we are in the second position. In readymade garments Bangladesh stand on 2nd position, after the first position of china. Also Bangladesh have 4000 garments factories in Bangladesh. Day by Day it is increasing. So you can imagine there is a good place for hope and opportunities. So many students can apply their for job.

To help the country

After completing every other department students have to carry a certificate to apply for job. But I can get a job by appeared certificate. This is a great advantage. After trinary business garments sector bare a huge amount of Bangladesh economy. So I have a chance to give something great through the job.
Also I can help my family through it. I am pretty sure that I can get a job after my internee. I know without an experience my salary will low but I have to adjust that to move on.

I can travel

Bangladesh is not only ahead in garments sector but also other country among the world are in the list. So to do the job I can travel all around the world to do my job and a short tour. Also if I wanted a PhD Degree I can go outside of our country.

I can do something creative

download (8).jfif

In the garments sector there is huge-huge opportunity to do something creative. You all know that every dress you wear was designed by someone or some person. So there is a great chance to make something new.

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I wish you will be gain in your life.

thank you

beautifully narrated

Thanks bro