Sports: The Traditional Sports Boat Racing about to lose.

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Hi stemains hope all are well steem Bangladesh community gives a new topic about sports. So today i;m going to writing about the sports is going to lose from Bengali tradition.

History Boat Racing


Nawabs and kings of the Muslim era used to organize boat rides. Many nawabs or kings started the boat race by water or naval forces. Naval power was one of the administrative means in the lower reaches of East Bengal. The Twelve Bhuiyans of Bengal fought valiantly against the Mughals. Naval power has also been used to suppress the Mughal and Harmad pirates. They had long 'rod' boats in their fleet. In the present era, there is no such boat-centric naval base or navy, but the competitive joy of naval power still exists in the national life of Bangladesh through boat racing.

Boat Racing


The word boat is a Persian word meaning bet or game. Boat races are held for the purpose of winning by boat rigging exercises and boat navigation techniques. The distance in the national boat race is 650 meters. Each boat can have 8, 25, 50 or 100 sailors. Boating has been practiced in riverine Bangladesh since time immemorial..

Boating in Bangladesh is usually held in the month of Bhadra-Ashwin. Boat racers sing in unison, and the words of these songs often appeal to Allah or God and nature to gather courage. Depending on the speed of the boat, many people give it a beautiful name, such as Storm Bird, Pankhiraj, Simon, Storm Mail, Peacock, Pioneer, Deepraj, Golden Boat, etc.

Before boarding the boat, everyone was cleansed, tied a handkerchief of the same color on their head and put on a vest. Standing oarsmen stay in the back, in the middle of the boat guide. Players and singers with drums and claps sit in the boat and encourage the boatmen.

Color boat name

images (3).jfif
Boating boats have different names. For example,

  • pioneer
  • waterfowl
  • bird king
  • peacock bird
  • simon
  • storm mail
  • golden boat
  • island king
    etc. But traight-back narrow timber boats known as koshas boats can be seen in Bangladesh during the race. Also
    goyna boats,sarangi boats and sampan is very common.The structure of the boat is somewhat characteristic. The front of the boat is beautifully decorated. Sometimes the face of a peacock, sometimes the face of a swan or any other bird is made. The boat is decorated with brightly colored designs. Above all, there is an attempt to make the boat as attractive as possible in front of the audience.

Rules for boating, music and festivals

There are many formalities to get on the boat again. Everyone became pure and tied a handkerchief of the same color on their heads. The boat guide is in the middle of everyone. The boatmen from behind stood the boat. Each boat can have 8, 25, 50 or 100 sailors.


In a suitable boat, the sailors will line up on both sides and sit on the oars. There is a director called 'Gain' to manage the rowing of the middlemen. He will sit in the gallows of the boat. The sailors leave the boat together with a shout of joy and begin to sing a song together and pull the oar to the rhythm of that song; As a result, without hitting anyone's oar, they start hitting the water at once.

It is learned that boat races are held every year along the banks of different rivers flowing in Faridpur. The village became resounding with the sound of cassava, drums and salat salat. To encourage the villagers, various boats were arranged and microphones were set up on both sides of the river. Boating became extremely enjoyable with the participation of visitors. The boat sits on both sides of the river centered around the boat. Cosmetics, sweets, toys and other shops sit in the fair. Visitors who come to see the boats buy their necessities from the fair.

According to the investigation, the festival is not going to be organized due to the lack of rivers and canals, boats are no longer used as before. On the other hand, various rivers and canals of the country are gradually filling up. At the same time, due to the indifference of the locals, the influence of Akash culture, the lack of nurture of the indigenous culture, the traditional sport of boating is disappearing from rural Bengal.

It is necessary to organize this traditional boat race to hold the boat race and give pleasure to the common people. Even then, when people got the news that it would be held somewhere, they rushed there. The general public is hoping that this traditional boat race will be held in the future as well by digging rivers and canals.


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