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in hive-137433 •  2 years ago 

Hello everyone! Today I want to share a track from my second EP "Far Away". The song is called "What Once Was". Is meant to be a melancholic song but not necessarily sad.

While I had fun composing and refining each and every song, this one was the one that came out the most natural and smooth. I composed it and arranged it in 3 days and did the mixing and finishing touches in maybe two weeks. I take too long finishing songs mainly because I'm indecisive about certain things and I am still learning the mixing craft which is an overwhelming subject considering all the possible paths you can take in post production to really polish your sounds. I'm not sure if you guys are fond of instrumental music but I can't sing haha so I usually compose instrumental music and try to develop my musical idea with synths I like for melodies atmospheres and rhythms.

I hope you guys enjoy "What Once Was".

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