This music community does not receive any support - Please leave a comment if you like to receive some Dance and music tokens (DAM)

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Dear music lovers

This community does not receive any support but you will be able to receive Dance and music tokens (DAM).
You will be able to exchange DAM for STEEMP on

You will need a Chrome extension that you can find on

Just leave a comment!

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Your post was upvoted and resteemed on @crypto.defrag

08/05/2022, 04:28:24

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 10043764

From: @danceandmusic
To: @crypto.defrag

Amount: - 1 DAM

Memo: Thank you for sharing this post!

Can I have some DAM tokens too if it is OK.
I hope we can have support for this community though cannot dance myself.

08/05/2022, 04:24:57

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 10043757

From: @danceandmusic
To: @cryptopie

Amount: - 2 DAM