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Hello steemians, steem greetings to you all. I am very grateful for this contest theme for this week's engagement challenge. This idea of defending certain statements will really go a long way to dig into our minds, having us to think critically.


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Amongst the four optional topics, I chose

  • Money is more important than love.

  • You will stay happier if you are unmarried.

Plus the additional compulsory topic Votes Are Not Guaranteed makes it three topics I will be defending.

From my own personal understanding, when the term defend is used, it means you should support something. So in my defense for those three phrases, I will be giving points that agree with them.


Money is more important than love.


Starting with the counter, most people will first of all say money is not everything. There are things money can't buy. True love is unconditional, money is not needed.

I support this statement because the the second most common reasons for divorce these days is finance problems. Couples who have once been madly in love before actually can't stand each other because of financial rifts. Either the man isn't making enough money, or the woman doesn't work, or one of both of them has bad spending habits.

In a relationship love is not everything. There is tolerance, comfort, respect, faithfulness and financial stability. I think most couples ignore the aspect of money thinking that they will figure things out along the way. But having a good discussion about your finances and finance management is very vital to every relationship.

Money is important because first it brings comfort, stability and a sence of security in a relationship. You will notice that some petty arguments you guys used to have before the finances get better, those arguments are no longer existent. When there is money you feel secure. Because you know that the you can afford what you want for yourself and relationship. You can be more romantic because you can afford buying gifts for each other.

Imagine kids (love child) comes into the picture. There's child support, school fees medical bills and all. What do you pay those things with? Money of course.
Money also allows you to move forward in life. Some people refrain from getting married to the people they love because they are not financially stable enough. It's an I can't take care of two people completely now situation. This can cause cheating in some cases or even one partner under looking the other.

It is true that love forms a strong bond and two hardworking people can rise through it all. But the hardworking people are working for money right? To make life better. In the world today we buy everything and almost everything. Love is good. But you can't eat the person you love. And also when it comes to love many other things contribute to make love, money inclusive.


You will stay happier if you are unmarried


This is a tricky subject. According to how human nature works, it seems that we always need someone. Someone to call our own person, like best friends and partners. The sence of ownership is a very sharp human feeling. Being married makes on feel like this is my person. You are mind and I am yours.


People will wish they stayed unmarried in situations like;

Marrying and abuser and an unfaithful person. This at times hurts most when you never expected it. Like this person was all good and nice and then after marriage they changed. It makes you feel like you were just being played all this while. Especially if you were so madly inlove with them. The hurt of being treated badly by someone you cherish so much can make you wish you never married them in the first place. You would probably be happy and not crying right now.

The trauma of these events makes some people swear to never marry again.

In cases of arranged marriage or forceful marriage where the person you are married to isn't the person you want to be with. Like if you were given a choice you'd rather be single. In these cases some people try to accept the situation and actually fall inlove. While in other unfortunate cases, some others fall into a rather mixed up situation and they stay unhappy with this person forever.

Bringing in the aspect of priests. As per religion priests are not allowed to get married. Can't really explain why. But personally I have never heard a priest lamenting over not having a partner. Yes some quit and go marry. But twice the number remain priests forever and they are happy.

Being married adds some titles and responsibilities to every relationship. You can't see it but it's there. For those who live together and have different styles, finding a balance can be challenging. Like when I lived by myself this is how I did things. Now you are forced to do things a certain way since it concerns two people.

For thia particular topic I can't really find my stand as I am only human. I don't know if I'm defending or rejecting the statements. It's a hard topic to talk about.


Votes are not Guaranteed - Sc01

I think this is the most popularly used statement on the Steemit platform. We are being told not to mention the steemcurator01 account in our everyday posts. I think it is used because when most people come into steemit and see others recieving the steemcurator01 vote, they think that that's how it's going to be. Money overflowing. Well it is for some people whole for others it's not.

Steemcurator01 has made it clear that it votes original content with purpose and audience. Good writers can be creative enough to always vote content with purpose and audience but does that guarantee a curator 1 vote. No it doesn't.
I got my first steemcurator01 vote after being on steemit for like 3 months. During those months, I posted an average of 10 posts per week and I engaged in a lot of contests. Though I never got a vote I kept pushing. Then suddenly I got a curator 01 vote.

Then it occurred to me that maybe steemcurator01 account votes consistency and longevity. But does consistency, longevity, audience, originality and purpose guarantee a curator 01 vote? I still don't think so. Having all these things combined, you still need a club status.

The Steemit Team brought the idea of club statuses, that is the club5050 club75 and club 100 as a way of encouraging steemians to power up more. This means they will hold steem as Steem power which intern helps the steem token, the Steemit platform and the steemian himself. So everyone who gets a curator vote belongs to a club even though it's not a guarantee.

Nevertheless steemcurator01 votes are not guaranteed even if you do all these things. We have other general curators that vote quality and original posts that suit a particular topic. In my own personal perspective, the curator01 vote is like a good job vote from the boss. To say if you keep you maybe you will get more.

To conclude, just adhere to the Steemit guidelines, do your best to be creative band and consistent, be part of a club status and maybe, just maybe that vote will come in. (Though there is no guarantee)



I have tried to defend (agree) to the phrases I chose. I hope it makes sense. I am open for questions and constructive disagreements. Join this contest and let me also know what you think.


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Umh! To defend these two statements are tuff!
Money & love goes hand in hand just like a horse and carriage. You can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have the love of a parent, a sibling, a child or a friend your life is empty.
All the money in the world cannot fill the empty place when you go to bed at night

@tipu curate


This is a manual curation from the @tipU Curation Project.

The explanation is very good. The language you use is easy to understand. I am also preparing writing for this contest. This contest requires a high level of reasoning and reference.

Oh thank you very much
The contest indeed works out your brain alot

Good luck in the contest!

I support this statement because the the second most common reasons for divorce these days is finance problems. Couples who have once been madly in love before actually can't stand each other because of financial rifts

You are perfectly right my dear. I have seen so many cases where couples oftenly have constant problems because of poverty and some even go to an extend of divorcing

Money is important because first it brings comfort, stability and a sence of security in a relationship

Absolutely correct and most of all, money brings alot of respect as one will be respected by their spouse or partners because they have money

Marrying and abuser and an unfaithful person. This at times hurts most when you never expected it.

This is are exactly what is causing some people now our days not to get married because they are afraid they might be cheated. They are certain people in this life, including me who hate to be cheated in a relationship. Once I discovered I will extremely be mad. For some people, they prefer to stay unmarried for the rest of their life because of the constant heartbreak they had during their dating time

Steemcurator01 has made it clear that it votes original content with purpose and audience.

I love this statement Mal. For sure, that's what sc01/02 often tell us. But I feel bad when people begin to criticize about sc01/02 saying that they are bias and they are distributing votes in a Centralized manna. This is not true because sc01 oftenly tell us to stay focused, visible, we should be consistent, smart and always do constant powerup so as to catch attraction from the curators.. but it's unfortunate many Steemians don't follow all this rules but expect to be recieving support from the chief Curators sc01/02


You can even see an example of sc01 comment here saying all this himself

I like the way you understand this thing. Especially the Sc01 matter. Keep words stay consistent and stay visible. It's not guaranteed but it will come one day if you keep the rules of the steemit team.

I'm glad you stopped by and I love your comments.
Hoping to read your own entry in this contest soon.

Yeah I will definitely participate in it soon. The topic really interest me, just that I have already made an entry to another contest.. so I will probably prepare my own entry to this one as from tomorrow

Ok I understand
Good luck then

You write so clearly, making your post easy and interesting to read up, i enjoyed reading i must confess, money is needed to keep the engine of love moving...

Like the famous Nigerian singer davido said

Love is sweet ooo but when money enter love is sweeter 😂😂

Thank you for your compliments dear. And in all sincerity, the feeling is mutual.

The 2 questions you choose to defend are all subjective and as such, I won't really say much but I will write my own opinion during my entry.

But , staying unmarried like you said is subjective. It depends on ones decision and no one should query anyone for not marrying or otherwise.

Money is important in life but not more important than money. I have seen wealthy people in marriage get divorce and I have also seen poor people get divorce but when there is love, then we can endure any situation afterall, one is not poor because of love of doesn't get reach because of it. It is the blessings from the Almighty that makes reach.

The last question is for everyone and no one can change it. And as such,no comment for now. Expect my entry

Hahahaha Ma'am you replied like a politician
Well said 🙌🙌

Thank you for dropping a comment.

second most common reasons for divorce these days is finance problems.

You are right and tricky while defending this statement . However , we have seen numerous cases of people have plenty of money but they are not able to make their relations last longer . So in their case , it is not the money they p but love . However , that is not often the sole reason . Similarly ,we have seeing the people who manage their financial constraints by keeping their needs bear minimum and make their relations eternal. So the point that I want to convey here is that, we cannot measure relationships in terms of money and love only. Other factors have their role to play as well.

Nice to read your post . Thanks

Wow that's a good comment
I respect your point because it is true
But like a debate I decided to support the motion here

If it was am actual debate I'm sure you'll be a very formidable opponent.



As you said Voting power is a centralized opportunity that the person having the power has the full authority on what to vote and whom to vote. So votes are not guaranteed.

Money is important for fulfilling day to day needs. Money is useful in satisfying oneself. a financially stable person is more respected and acknowledged than the person only know love likewise, if you want to be career oriented and want self growth then unmarried life is great. I have also accomplished this task, if you read it and share your views, i will be happy.

Ok friend I will check out your post
Thank you for stopping by mine

Thank you, let's connect!!

Greetings, I think you are right in saying that love is not everything, because to strengthen a relationship you have to have a series of conditions that can only be solved with money. The house, the comforts, the children's education and many other things show us that money is of great importance.
Greetings and have a nice day

Thanks for your contribution friend

Importante el comentario de señalar que el amor no lo es todo, primero por que es verdad, ya que cuando se está casado se tiene la responsabilidad de mantener el hogar y eso requiere recurso, lo idóneo es que las personas antes de casarse reúnan recursos suficientes como para mantenerse por un tiempo.

El voto no garantizado permite mejorar la calidad de las publicaciones, los otros curadores pueden pasar y dar votos pero ninguno está garantizado.

Suerte en el concurso.

Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

Thank you very much for the wishes.
I appreciate your comment


Thank you for taking part.

You are welcome and thank you too ☺️

I support this statement because the the second most common reasons for divorce these days is finance problems

I totally agree with this point. Love might matter but without money, love standing on it's on in a marital situation is a disaster. We need to drive this ideas ahead.

And your priest of them not getting married. I don't know how that slipped off my mind. They are good examples of people who are not married and yet are happy. So truly, to be happy, one needs to stay unmarried.

Thank you for sharing this our MoD.

You can engage with me through My link

I am happy you concur with my perspectives to support the motives
Thanks for stopping by

I will definitely engage on your post as well.

You are welcome

By reading your article I must say you have defended every statement very clearly. There are a lot of points where I am 100% agreed with You.

You have done a brilliant job.

Best of luck for the contest.

Thank you very much for the compliments
I appreciate

En el mundo de hoy compramos de todo y casi todo. Amar es bueno. Pero no puedes comerte a la persona que amas. Y también cuando se trata de amor muchas otras cosas contribuyen a hacer el amor, incluido el dinero.

Esto me encanto y es así, no te puedes comer a la persona que amas jajajaja, necesitamos si o si del dinero para tener una vida mejor. Sin duda alguna el dinero es importante en nuestras vidas, tristemente hay personas que opinan lo contrario y como dicen por allí "amor con hambre no dura" xD.

En relación al tema de casarse pues si, es un poco complejo pero pienso que todo radica en si elegiste bien o no, también es importante la comunicación y en que fundamentes tu relación. Soy Cristiana y si nuestra base es Cristo no hay nada que pueda salir mal, obvio habrá peleas pero son cosas que se pueden manejar.

Votosssss, votosssss jajajaajaja todos deseamos un voto pero que esto no se vuelva nuestra prioridad, creo que debemos enfocarnos en publicar lo que nos guste no dejando de traer calidad a la plataforma, solo de esta forma lograremos captar la atención de muchos y pueden que dentro de esos muchos este 01 jajajajaja.

Hay que divertirse aca, Steemit forma parte ya de mi vida y eso me agrada.

Saludos, muy buena publicación.

Hahahaha your comment has a lot of humor in it
You are so funny 🤣

But you are very correct though we should first of all worry about publishing what we like and what makes us happy. Then we worry about the votes later.

I am inlove with your energy.

Thanks for stopping by friend. My best regards.

You write a wonderful post

Thank you friend

Amazing write up @wase1234. I can feel your energy all the way especially with your second point. Honestly I have thought about this point of been unmarried and happy several times. At times I don't feel the use of a man in my looking at other marriages and actions of men.

Marrying and abuser and an unfaithful person

This is the worst thing to happen in a marriage. Someone like me I won't let that happen so I mostly prefer not to marry at all than to be unhappily married

Couples who have once been madly in love before actually can't stand each other because of financial rifts. Either the man isn't making enough money, or the woman doesn't work, or one of both of them has bad spending habits.

My dear this is really true judging from some relationships and marriages I see around. All is now sour as the man cannot make up for the financial needs of the house. It is so pathetic. In fact money stops nonsense

On steemit votes from Sc01 is normally not guaranteed whether you like it or not. Good luck in the contest

Thank you for seeing reason with me friend ☺️
Thank you very much

Yes, but also known that the love of money is the root of all evil. So there are irony found in this life concerning money and love

There's truly a an irony. It's just left for us to weigh our options and decide

You are welcome dear